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Why every civil service candidate needs to read NCERT books?

The UPSC civil service exam is widely regarded as the most difficult in the world. The aspirants hope to represent their nation by obtaining one of the commission’s coveted positions, but only a small percentage of them succeed. Numerous coaching centres and a wealth of research resources are required to assist students in their training.

Many educational outlets also provide paid or free videos, making it very easy for aspirants to learn from the comfort of their own homes. But what would a student need to know in order to choose the best path for this arduous journey? Do you want to start digging through a large stack of dense books with hundreds of pages? Certainly not!

Starting with NCERT books of related subjects from class 6th to 12th will be the best choice. Let us look at why these books are so relevant in the planning process.

As they claim, there is no limit to the amount of information one could religiously pick up during the planning of this prestigious test, but timing one’s preparation with a successful reading through the NCERTs can aid.

These books are like scriptures for civil servants and they provide everything you need to know. The syllabus is designed in such a way that even those with no prior experience in the humanities will find it fascinating and useful.

The use of colourful images and text allows the reading experience to be very engaging and enjoyable. These books will not make you feel trapped in a sea of syllabus and they will assist you in properly preparing your approach.

To get the best out of them, you can go through them at least 2-3 times before the exam and make fast revision notes from them.

Explicit vocabulary used

Reading a book with complex terminologies and difficult vocabulary allows it difficult to absorb the detail intended by the writers. Aspirants can become so demotivated when they get lost in the middle of reading those books that the fear of the exam returns, and they are unable to do well in the exam.

NCERT books are written in a vocabulary that is almost equivalent to that of an eighth-grade student. These books are much more straightforward than many other journals on the market, and they are short and simple to learn.

An individual with a basic understanding of Hindi or English will easily comprehend and learn from the contents. Through reading these books, even a beginner will become a connoisseur.

They are asked questions.

Yes, you read it correctly. Per year, these books are used to pose a series of questions. UPSC has taken queries from the practice segment at the end of each chapter of previous articles. All of the tables, important notes, and diagrams in the book should be carefully reviewed, as UPSC can select questions from there as well.

Many philosophical problems are clearly posed in these books. As a result, the sooner you brush up on your fundamentals, the more you’ll be able to answer questions like a brave hero on the battlefield.

Reading them often offers you a subtle understanding of the kind of language you can use while writing essays in your main test, since this is the kind of language that is required of an applicant. Writing insightful observations from reading may be useful in this case.

Leading scholars penned the document.

What distinguishes these books is that they are genuine and well-founded. Scientists, historians, and authors who excel in their specific fields have written these outstanding books and delivered research-based material in a neutral and impartial manner.

These NCERT writers have also written some common books for UPSC planning, which can be referred to after reading the NCERTs. They’ve written and organised the curriculum so that the material serves as a springboard for mastering the topic.

These are the distinguishing characteristics that make these books both useful and valuable for students in their training. Please notice that, depending on one’s review of the previous year’s articles, it is preferable to read these books subject by topic rather than chapter by chapter.

Analyzing previous year’s papers can assist the aspirant in gaining an understanding of how questions are posed in the exam and what topics need the most focus. There is no point in turning to other sources for preparation, but NCERT books can be used to lay the basis of understanding.

A well-grown nominee, with the dreams of hitting the pinnacle of achievement, gets thrilled by the brilliant way of describing these books have offered, just like a student in sixth grade learns with exhilaration from these books emerging with mastery.

What is the use of Ncert books for IAS?

The NCERT books are considered the foundational reading materials for the Civil Services Review. It addresses all of the relevant subjects and provides them with crystal strong philosophical clarity.

Is Ncert books are important for UPSC?

These textbooks not only provide aspirants with information on each topic, but also assist them in comprehending the system’s basic operation. UPSC aspirants deem NCERT textbooks to be “holy texts.”