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GIST of NCERT Books Pdf

When it comes to UPSC or other prestigious exams in India, one of the first questions that comes to mind is, “How well versed are we with NCERT?” NCERT textbooks, or National Council of Education, Research and Training textbooks, are required reading for all entrance exam candidates. If you have not learned the NCERT books for your engineering entrance test, UPSC exam, or medical entrance exam, you may miss a valuable attempt. So, if you want to pass the entrance exam with flying colours, read NCERT books from grades 6 to 12.

One year of planning is suitable for each test. Now comes the dilemma of what to do if you just have a few months to prepare? It becomes very difficult to read any of the NCERT books in just a brief period of time. It is everything about which we have a remedy. The most detailed and digitally collected GIST of NCERT books is available at There’s no need to study those long books anymore; a short GIST eBook would suffice.

You may download a copy of the GIST NCERT book or access it online by clicking on the page below. The GIST for all three topics, physics, chemistry, and biology, is included in the General Science e-book. Many of the main terms, formulas, and pointers have been clarified in an easy-to-understand way. Every book and chapter has been split down into little chunks that are simple to understand.

India is a country with a rich history, tradition, and geography. From harsh temperatures to mild climates, and from plains to massive mountains, India is a region on the planet that exemplifies geographical diversity at its finest. You must be familiar with each region’s flora, environment, and geography. The NCERT GIST in Geography is highly helpful in the training of prospective IAS/IPS applicants for UPSC geography exams.

Anything from the Stone Age to recent history must be discussed solely in the History portion. Preparing notes for chapters and lessons, on the other hand, is a time-consuming process. All of the problems are solved in the NCERT GIST for History textbook. And if you just have a short amount of time, you can comfortably go through the points in the eBook and enjoy learning it.

What are the benefits of downloading NCERT GIST books?

It’s exhausting to prepare notes for each chapter for all of the topics! Another explanation is that you may need to take notes for the same chapters several times and the same subject will be covered in the next lesson with some additional information. If you studied organic chemistry in chemistry in class 9, the same subject would be covered in class 10, though with some progression. As a result, taking notes on the same subjects twice is not a smart idea.

GIST books group together related subjects from various groups under a single title, such as “organic chemistry” in the example above.

The second explanation is that these books aren’t sold through your neighbourhood bookstore. You can only study them online, which means you’ll need a notebook, smartphone, or desktop computer.

Another advantage is that they can be studied everywhere and at any time. Simply add the eBook to your mobile and study it when lying in bed or commuting. This would save a significant amount of time and effort.

Because of the limited time available for planning, it is often preferable to use notes rather than the full NCERT books. The NCERT GIST books are similar to notes in that they can be seen in a variety of situations.

We often have these books in PDF format, making it easy for users to download and browse them at any time. The majority of websites have EPUB downloads. The majority of consumers find it challenging to import formats that are clumsy and have low readability as well as little assistance. We at have gone to great lengths to ensure that our customers have access to the widely agreed PDF file.

All of the documents are accessible in PDF format, which can be downloaded or stored for later viewing. Simply bookmark this page so that you can review it whenever you want. There are several websites on the internet that falsely claim to have GIST books. They can be avoided by the customer.

These websites either redirect to another tab or provide the same solutions as before. Ncertbooks. guru is the largest and fastest-growing group for NCERT GIST books, NCERT exemplars and their solutions, NCERT textbooks and their solutions, and solutions to other regular author books such as HC Verma, RS Aggarwal, and others. All of the downloads are secure and available for no fee.

What is gist of Ncert?

The Gist of NCERT Geography (Useful For UPSC, PSC, SSC, And All Other Examinations) (NCERT Series) is a book from the NCERT series that provides a thorough understanding of India’s geography. This book delves deeply into the matter of India’s geography.

What are old Ncert books?

The old NCERT books are published in a straightforward and truthful way. Although the books are large, the straightforward introduction aids readers in memorising definitions and details more quickly. The new NCERT books are written in a subjective style, with the aim of eliciting responses from the reader.