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Students should use NCERT Exemplar Books as a self-assessment tool. The National Council of Educational Research and Training produced these books (NCERT). There are several problems that address basic topics. For pupils, the NCERT Exemplar Book Class 6 Science is important. This book is especially intended for young minds who want to succeed in Science and contains basic science principles. The CBSE syllabus is followed by the NCERT Exemplar Books. Not just that, but it is also appropriate for students from other boards. Students may use the NCERT Exemplar Book Class 6 Science to build a solid foundation starting in class 6, but they can also use other NCERT Books.

Why NCERT Exemplar Book Class 6 Science?

Class 6 NCERT Exemplar Book Science has fundamental principles and hypotheses that aid in the formation of a solid scientific foundation. Plant and animal anatomy are the first topics covered by the students. Students often learn about the atmosphere and its various elements, such as waste, food, and water. Science necessitates a thorough understanding of the definitions rather than rote memorization. The questions in the NCERT Exemplar Book Class 6 Science would suffice.

NCERT Exemplar Book Class 6 Science has 16 pages. There are four different types of questions in each segment, each with a different degree of difficulty. Multiple Choice Questions, Very Short Answer Questions, Short Answer Questions, and Long Answer Questions are the four types of questions. By doing them, students can become more adaptable to a variety of queries. They would be self-assured enough to take the test.

Class 6 NCERT Exemplar Book Science also helps students train for competitive exams such as the National Science Olympiad (NSO), the National Science Talent Search Exam (NTSE), and the Scholarship and Talent Reward Test (STaRT), among others. As they will be solving a lot of questions whilst practising the NCERT Exemplar Science text, they will become mindful of different learning strategies.

How to Download NCERT EXEMPLAR BOOK CLASS 6 Science Pdf?

Downloading NCERT EXEMPLAR BOOK CLASS 6 Science pdf is very easy. You can easily download the pdf on your smartphone/desktop by following the steps given below. To download the pdf, follow the points given below.

  1. Now click on the given download link
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  3. After downloading, click on the PDF file and open it in default pdf viewer.

What are Ncert exemplar books?

NCERT Exemplars are essentially practise books that contain additional higher-level questions that are intended to help in-depth study. They are mostly used in the JEE mains and JEE advanced tests.

Can I crack neet only with Ncert?

“No,” is the response to this query. While the NCERT books are sufficient to pass the test, other books must be consulted in order to achieve a high score or rating. Any one of the 15 lakh NEET candidates has read NCERT books because it is a prerequisite for passing the test.


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Download NCERT Exemplar Book Class 6 Science PDF

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Chapter NumberChapter NameDownload Link
1Food: Where Does It Come From?Download PDF
2Components of FoodDownload PDF
3Fibre to FabricDownload PDF
4Sorting Materials and GroupsDownload PDF
5Separation of SubstancesDownload PDF
6Change Around UsDownload PDF
7Getting to Know PlantsDownload PDF
8Body MovementDownload PDF
9The Living Organisms and their SurroundingsDownload PDF
10Motion and Measurement of DistancesDownload PDF
11LightDownload PDF
12Electricity and CircuitsDownload PDF
13Fun with MagnetsDownload PDF
14WaterDownload PDF
15Air Around UsDownload PDF
16Garbage In, Garbage OutDownload PDF
AnswersDownload PDF