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NCERT Exemplar Books are a common choice among students preparing for their Class 10 exams. Students in class 10 will be introduced to advanced science topics that will help them pass their Board exams. Around 10% of the questions in the Board review come from the NCERT Exemplar Book Class 10 Science per year. Practising NCERT Exemplar Books can help you build a solid foundation.As a consequence, students would be required to fulfil the prerequisites for taking the final exam.

Class 10 Science NCERT Exemplar Novel’s Importance

Each chapter in the NCERT Exemplar Book Class 10 Science is thoroughly explained. Students are able to develop their Critical-Thinking skills as a result. The questions train them for the Board exams as well as other competitive exams for class 10, such as the National Level Science Talent Search Exam (NLSTSE), Indian National Olympiad (INO), Science Olympiad Foundation, and others.

For students in class 10, getting good grades is important. Class 10 Science NCERT Exemplar Book can assist students in grasping ideas in a more realistic manner. Wherever required, diagrams/illustrations are given. The complexity level of the questions varies. The NCERT Exemplar Book Class 10 Science is designed for students of all ages. There are questions of several choices, short answers, and long answers. As a result, Exemplar Books aid students in their learning. Thanks to the realistic experiments in NCERT Exemplar Science Book Class 10, students will be able to solve warped problems. It would be simpler and more enjoyable to comprehend science ideas. Class ten is a watershed moment in a student’s life, with many students opting to pursue a career in science.Streams are determined mostly by the results of the Class 10 Board exams. By having good grades in Class 10, a student may improve their skills and realise their dreams of learning science by using the NCERT Exemplar Science book.

How to Download NCERT EXEMPLAR BOOK CLASS 10 Science Pdf?

Downloading NCERT EXEMPLAR BOOK CLASS 10 Science pdf is very easy. You can easily download the pdf on your smartphone/desktop by following the steps given below. To download the pdf, follow the points given below.

  1. Now click on the given download link
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  3. After downloading, click on the PDF file and open it in default pdf viewer.

Is Ncert exemplar enough for boards Class 10?

NCERT books are adequate not only to cover the whole CBSE syllabus, but also to cover all of the essentials and basics on all topics in a clear and easy language. This assists students in making their ideas crystal evident. You won’t need to recite the whole material until you’ve grasped the principles.

Which is the toughest chapter in class 10 maths?

Class 10 seems to be smoother than class 9. Trigonometry is a chapter of math that most students find challenging.


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Download NCERT Exemplar Science Class 10 Solutions

We have provided free download links for the questions for each chapter. Click on the required link to download the NCERT Exemplar Book Class 10 Science in PDF format.

Chapter No. Chapter NamesDownload Link
1Chemical Reactions and EquationsDownload PDF
2Acids, Bases, and SaltsDownload PDF
3Metals and Non-metalsDownload PDF
4Carbon and its CompoundsDownload PDF
5Periodic Classification of ElementsDownload PDF
6Life ProcessesDownload PDF
7Control and CoordinationDownload PDF
8How do Organisms Reproduce?Download PDF
9Heredity and EvolutionDownload PDF
10Light – Reflection and RefractionDownload PDF
11The Human Eye and the Colourful WorldDownload PDF
12ElectricityDownload PDF
13Magnetic Effects of Electric CurrentDownload PDF
14Sources of EnergyDownload PDF
15Our EnvironmentDownload PDF
16Management of Natural ResourcesDownload PDF
17Sample Question Paper – Set 1Download PDF
18Sample Question Paper – Set 2Download PDF
19AnswersDownload PDF