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Informe Petras Completo PDF
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Informe Petras Completo PDF

The story is so ridiculous that the PSOE izquierdista sends an investigation into the social effects of pass modernization and then decides to keep it in a box after reading it. What is the reason for the abrupt change in the criterion of theConsejo Supremo of Investigación Cientfica? It is well known that they refused to make it public.”Después de varias reuniones con el máximo responsable, le seguirán dando largas. It is obvious that the conclusions of the study resulted in demasiado demoledoras for la sociologa oficial espaola y la institución decida no sacarlo a la luz “escriba Oscar Frontodona, director of the revista contracultural Ajoblanco, which lo llevo to los quioscos in 1996, an ao después of its elaboration.

James Petras

Who is James Petras and where is he from?A sociologist in the United States who is the son of Greek immigrants and a member of the Russell Tribunal for Human Rights, which was founded by Bertrand Russell and Jean-Paul Sartre.? Compare and contrast the working conditions of the antiguos trabajadores franceses with those of the trabajadores socialistas. The Padres-hijos was the official title of the report. Two generations of Spanish speakers at work. Which part of their report is the most important? Without a doubt, the data on job security, where it appears clear that there was more stability in the final years of the franquism than in the golden years of the PSOE, which completely contradicts the official report on the “progress” of the Spanish economy at the end of the century.

At the end of the 1980s, the tasa of unemployment in Spain was approximately the same as in the rest of Europe in 1974, but by the middle of the decade, it had multiplied by seven, according to the sociologo James Petras.

Informe Petras Completo PDF

For those with an idea, here are some facts: In 1975, the tasa de desempleo was at 5,9%, but in 1985 it had increased to 21,9%. The eslogan of the campaign of Felipe González was “Misión histórica para poner Espaa en el Tope de Europa,” but the nmeros did not support this assertion. “In 1974, before the liberalisation of social policies, the unemployment rate was more or less the same as in Europe; by the mid-1980s, it had been multiplied by seven and had more than doubled the European rate, a trend that continued until the end of the decade and beyond,” laments Petras in the text.In addition to unrestricted employment, socialist legislation increased precariedad tasas.

Informe Petras Completo PDF

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