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Introduction to Devout Life Download PDF
Introduction to Devout Life PDF Download
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Introduction to Devout Life Download PDF

Introduction to Devout Life Download PDF

But, dear reader, I agree with S. Denis that the mission of bringing souls to perfection belongs to bishops above all else, and that because their Order is supreme among men, as the Seraphim is among angels, their leisure cannot be better spent. The ancient Bishops and Fathers of the Primitive Church were, to say the least, as dedicated to their duties as we are, yet, as evidenced by their epistles, they did not refuse to undertake the individual guidance of souls who sought their assistance, thus imitating the Apostles, who, while reaping the universal world-harvest, found time to gather up certain individual sheaves with special and personal affection. Who can forget that Timothy, Titus, Philemon, Onesimus, Phekla, and Appia were S. Paul’s cherished spiritual offspring, just as S. Mark and S. Petronilla were of S. Peter (because Baronius and Galonius have provided learned and indisputable proof that S. Petronilla was not his carnal but spiritual daughter). Isn’t one of St. John’s Canonical Epistles devoted to the “chosen lady” in the faith whom he adored?

I grant that guiding individual souls is a labour, but it is a consoling labour, similar to that of harvesters and grape-gatherers, who are never happier than when they are most heavily burdened. It is a labour that refreshes and invigorates the heart by providing comfort to those who bear it, as is claimed to be the case in Arabia Felix with individuals who carry cinnamon bundles. When the tigress discovers one of her pups left behind by the hunter to distract her while he takes the rest of her cubs, it is stated that she picks it up, however large, without appearing over-weighted, and races even faster to her lair, maternal love lessening the load. How much more easily would a spiritual father’s heart take the load of a soul yearning for perfection, cradling it in his bosom like a mother her infant, without tiring of the wonderful burden?

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