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Love Means Zero Torrent Download PDF
Love Means Zero Torrent Download PDF
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Love Means Zero Torrent Download PDF

Love Means Zero Torrent Download PDF

It is actually impossible to achieve absolute zero. Nothing exists at all. This is true even though the word “zero” permeates our culture and is used to name everything from beverages to motorbikes to stores. There is no emptiness, and any attempt to quantify zero will be impacted by those attempts. Absolute zero (zero Kelvin, or 273.15°), is inaccessible to scientists. However, many businesses and CEOs have “zero” risk management goals for their organisations.

What effects do perfectionist goals have on people? Do people learn best when they strive for perfection? Are people set up for failure by perfectionist goals? Why do all spheres of life, with the exception of the mining and building industries, lack absolute aims for perfection? Why are these organisations unaware that absolutes and perfection are demotivating yet academics, educators, and sports coaches are? Why do some CEOs view perfectionism as healthy but doctors link it to mental health disorders? Are these perfectionist objectives relevant for themselves or just for other people?

Binary opposition thinking underlies a large portion of the search for zero. Fundamentalist thinking in black and white. If something isn’t white, it must be black, according to binary opposition thinking. Either you are a law-abiding citizen or a terrorist. In the “zero” mindset, there aren’t any “50 shades of grey.” Either one must only have goals for “zero” or one must set a goal for harm. The use of terminology of entrapment to support such basic thinking serves to validate its own presumption. There are more sophisticated ways of communicating and thinking that facilitate motivation and learning while providing a clearer understanding of the outside world.

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