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On Writing Well Download PDF
On Writing Well  Download PDF
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On Writing Well Download PDF

On Writing Well Download PDF

A photograph of author E. B. White sits on one of the walls of my midtown Manhattan office. When White was 77 years old, Jill Krementz photographed him at his home in North Brooklin, Maine. A white-haired man sits on a plain wooden seat at a plain wooden table—three planks nailed to four legs—in a little boathouse. The open window provides a view of the water. An ashtray and a nail keg are the only other furnishings in the room, while White is typing on a manual typewriter. I don’t need to be reminded that the keg serves as his trash can.

Many people from many sectors of my life have seen that photo, including writers and want tobe writers, students and previous students. They come to talk about writing or to give me an update on their lives. However, their gaze is usually drawn to the old man at the keyboard after only a few minutes. Their attention is drawn to the ease with which the process is carried out. White has everything he requires: a pen, a piece of paper, and a spot to scribble down all the words that did not come out as he had hoped.

Writing has shifted to the electronic medium since then. The wastebasket has been replaced by the delete key, and numerous additional keys are now used to insert, move, and rearrange whole blocks of text. Nothing, on the other hand, has been able to take the writer’s place. He or she is still faced with the same challenge of thinking of something fascinating to say that others will want to read. That was the aim of the shot, and 30 years later, it’s still the point of this book.

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