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Outdoor Emergency Care Download PDF
Outdoor Emergency Care PDF Download
No. Of Pages: 556
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Language: English
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Outdoor Emergency Care Download PDF

Outdoor Emergency Care Download PDF

The purpose of this book is to provide you with brief explanations of a wide variety
of medical problems and to offer practical solutions. The book is arranged to make
information easy to retrieve. Part One outlines basic principles of health care that
should be applied to all outdoor travel. Parts Two and Three describe medical situations, beginning with life threats and covering, in turn, major and minor medical
problems you might encounter. Part Four discusses disorders related to various
wilderness settings. Part Five covers additional practical information, such as
evacuation guidelines and techniques, water disinfection, useful knots and hitches,
drug injection techniques, and recommendations for immunization. Appendix One
lists medications and doses, with an emphasis on medications mentioned elsewhere in the book. Conversion tables for common measurements are found in
Appendix Two. Appendix Three outlines guidelines for prevention of hepatitis,
acquired immunodefi ciency syndrome (AIDS), and other diseases transmitted by
human body fl uids. The glossary defi nes medical and technical terms. The index will
guide you swiftly to any topic.
To keep the book to a manageable size, I assume that you have a basic understanding of how your body and organs are supposed to work. Thus, explanations
are brief and to the point. This is neither a survival manual nor a sports medicine
encyclopedia. Rather, the book is meant to be carried on a journey as a ready
reference for a layperson who needs to medically rescue or aid an ill or injured
victim. I have included information that is necessary to make simple, accurate
diagnoses and to act on them.

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