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A Thousand Splendid Suns PDF
[PDF] A Thousand Splendid Suns PDF (1.37 MB)
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A Thousand Splendid Suns PDF

A Thousand Splendid Suns Summary

From the early 1960s through the early 2000s, A Thousand Splendid Suns takes place in Afghanistan. Mariam grew raised outside of Herat, Afghanistan, as a little girl in the 1960s. Mariam has mixed feelings about her parents: Nana, her mother, is harsh and unyielding, and Jalil, her father, is a wealthy businessman who sees Mariam, his only illegitimate child, once a week. Mariam resents her limited position in Jalil’s life and desires to live with him, his three wives, and her half-siblings in Herat. For her sixteenth birthday, she expresses her desires by asking Jalil to join her to see Pinocchio. Jalil reluctantly agrees, but then fails to show up for the movie with her. Mariam walks aimlessly until she stumbles upon Jalil’s home, which he refuses to let her enter, so she sleeps on the street. Mariam realises her mother has committed suicide when Jalil’s driver brings her home the following morning.

Mariam is taken to Jalil’s house after her mother’s funeral. Jalil’s wife don’t want him to marry Mariam, so they force him to marry Rasheed, a widowed shoemaker from Kabul. Rasheed treats Mariam kindly at first, but after miscarriage after miscarriage, he abuses her emotionally and physically. When Mariam is able to replace the son he lost years ago, Rasheed’s sole purpose for her becomes clear.

Laila is a young, intelligent girl from a loving family who grew up down the street from Rasheed and Mariam. However, Laila’s youth is upended by the Afghani war against the Soviets, and both of her older brothers volunteer to fight. Tariq, a boy a few years her senior, is Laila’s best friend and confidante. Laila’s parents find that both of their sons had been killed just before she reaches puberty. Conflict has reached Kabul a few years later, and bombs are thrown on the city on a regular basis. Tariq and Laila are now teenagers who have fallen in love. When Tariq tells Laila that he and his family are leaving to Pakistan, the two quickly and passionately fall in love for the first time. Laila’s parents decide to leave Afghanistan a few days later, but as they pack their belongings, a missile hits their house, killing her parents and wounding her.

After Rasheed and Mariam have nursed Laila back to health, a stranger, Abdul Sharif, comes to notify her that Tariq has died. After being heartbroken by the news that she is pregnant with Tariq’s child, Tariq’s child agrees to marry Rasheed. Laila’s presence first offends and threatens Mariam, and she refuses to connect with her. The women, however, come to see themselves as allies against Rasheed’s harsh and manipulative behaviour when Laila gives birth to a baby, Aziza. A few years later, Laila gives birth to a son, Zalmai, and the two are reunited. Laila is astonished one day to see a man standing at her front door: Tariq, after years of violence and sorrow.

Tariq and Laila spend the day together while Rasheed is at work. Rasheed enlisted Abdul Sharif to notify Laila about Tariq’s fake death so she wouldn’t escape, according to Laila and Mariam. When Rasheed realises Tariq has come home, he violently strikes Laila. Mariam stabs Rasheed to death with a shovel. The following day, Mariam surrenders to the Taliban in an attempt to allow Laila and her children to join Tariq in Pakistan.

Tariq and Laila marry in Pakistan, and finally start the life they’ve dreamed of for so long. Tariq eventually warms up to both of Laila’s children, and they enjoy their newfound freedom. Their happiness is short-lived, however, as they learn that the United States attacked Afghanistan in September 2001. Kabul’s circumstances improve after the US invasion, and Laila requests that her family come home to help rebuild their homeland. They stop in Herat on their way to Kabul, where Laila sees Mariam’s old house and is able to cope with her grief over Mariam’s death. Laila and Tariq relocate to Kabul, where Laila works as a teacher at the orphanage where Aziza formerly resided. If Laila has a girl, she plans to name her daughter Mariam when she gets pregnant.

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