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All Quiet on the Western Front PDF
[PDF] All Quiet on the Western Front PDF (617 KB)
Author: Erich Maria Remarque
No. Of Pages: 140
PDF Size: 617 KB
Language: English
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All Quiet on the Western Front PDF

All Quiet on the Western Front Summary

Erich Maria Remarque wrote the book All Quiet on the Western Front (German: Im Westernen nichts Neues; lit. “In the West Nothing New”) while serving in World War I. Upon their return from the war, many German servicemen felt a feeling of estrangement from their families and communities.

The novel was first published in November and December 1928 in the German daily Vossische Zeitung, and was then published as a book in late January 1929. The Road Back was one of the books that was prohibited and burned in Nazi Germany (1930). All Quiet on the Western Front has sold 2.5 million books globally in 22 languages after just 18 months of release.

In 1930, Lewis Milestone directed the Oscar-winning film version of the book. Delbert Mann’s 1979 television film adaption of the book stars Richard Thomas and Ernest Borgnine.

The storey follows a group of young Germans who are persuaded by patriotic and honourable aspirations to join the army during World War I. The protagonist, Paul Baumer, is 20 years old and tells the storey. The young troops rapidly learn that the ideal conflict they were told about is nothing like what they encounter on the front lines. The soldiers are presented in the novel’s first chapters, having just been relieved of their front-line duty.

Kemmerich is one of Paul’s classmates who lost a limb due to a gunshot wound at St. Joseph’s Hospital. They experience a mixture of pain and reason as they realize Kemmerich will die in that location. One of the troops then inquires about Kemmerich’s boots. Paul finds Kemmerich alone this time, and Kemmerich dies; Paul screams for help, and a doctor assigns him to an orderly. Despite this, no one provides help since the staff is too busy preparing the bed for the next patient. The corpse of the 17th soldier slain that day was quickly removed from the battlefield after Kemmerich’s death.

When Katczinsky (“Kat”) returns with a bag of horsemeat and two loaves of bread, his friends, hungry and fatigued, are thrilled. Kat has always had a penchant for coming up with inventive solutions to issues, according to Paul. Another character established by Paul’s character growth is drill sergeant Himmelstos, a former postman with whom Paul and his friends often quarrel. After a short break from war, their unit is summoned back to active service. They are kept awake at night by a bombardment of exploding shells.

They hear sounds early in the morning that indicate an impending assault. The moans of wounded horses shatter the silence between explosions, and the horrible sight of them horrifies everyone there. Following that, an assault is launched, resulting in chaos. Poison gas and shells are used to assault the gang. Whatever is left after the battle is genuinely awful. The trenches are constantly bombarded as the story develops, forcing the troops to take time off as they wait for reinforcements. He attempts to get along better with his buddies as a recently arrived soldier in the trenches.

When Paul and his friends are swimming in a canal, they stumble upon three French women. They meet them late at night. After then, Paul learns that he has been granted 17 days of unpaid leave. When he comes home, he finds that his mother has cancer. He’s lost connection with people he used to care about, and he’s having trouble understanding what’s going on in their thoughts. Kemmerich visits with his mother at his house, who informs him of her son’s death. Paul realizes that his life has altered too much for him to continue living the way he did before he went on leave, with the support of his mother.

Paul spends four weeks at a mountain training camp before returning to the front lines. Paul notices a Russian prisoner camp across the street from the base and is surprised by how much his opponents resemble his neighbours. He finds his way back to his squad in the end. The German monarch, William II, often known as the Kaiser, is said to be inspecting the situation, so he and his associates are given new attire. Paul gets bewildered when the Kaiser leaves and stabs a dead French soldier while hiding in a shell hole during a bombardment.

He stands there watching while the man dies, desperately trying to help him by giving him water and bandaging the wound he had inflicted on himself. After the man’s death, Paul becomes mad with humiliation. In his breast pocket, he finds a picture of the man’s wife and child, as well as letters. He stays in the hole with the dead soldier for hours in order to return to his regiment’s trench.

When Paul returns with Kat and six other people, they’re assigned to watch over a whole village, and they’re given lots of food. After that, they’re sent to another village to help with the evacuation of citizens. The French blasted the town as they tried to evacuate, wounding both Paul and his colleague, Albert Kropp. Albert had his leg amputated. Paul has surgery and returns to the front lines after a brief period of rehabilitation. Paul’s friends are dying one by one.

After being struck while hunting for food, Paul takes Kat to the dressing station. Paul is concerned that he will not be able to wait long enough. By the time they arrived, Kat had already died away. Paul is the seventh and last student to depart the classroom. After then, the story is no longer told from Paul’s perspective, and it ends with the announcement that Paul has died. An army report on the day of his death simply said that the Western Front was peaceful.

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