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Animal Farm by George Orwell PDF
Animal Farm by George Orwell PDF
Author: George Orwell
No. Of Pages: 48
PDF Size: 581 KB
Language: English
Category: eBooks & Novels
Source: Drive Files
Animal Farm by George Orwell PDF

Animal Farm by George Orwell PDF

This storey is set in the future, when animals are much more intelligent than they are today. The pigs launched a revolt against humans as a result of their ingenuity. Pigs, unlike the other animals, could communicate well in English, giving them the authority to govern. However, the tale that follows took place just a few years later…

Old Major, their first leader, was a gentle and honest man who believed that all animals should be treated equally. However, it was a very painful experience for Napoleon when he became the commander. He enacted a regulation that enabled the pigs to eat better food while forcing the other animals to labour insanely long hours every day and night. That wasn’t enough for Napoleon; he craved more power.

He made the decision to assassinate his brother, Snowball, in order to be the only leader. Snowball was appreciated because he had a brilliant concept for constructing a windmill. Snowball was well-known for his involvement in the revolt. The bravest were him and Boxer (a diligent horse). As a result, Napoleon, the egotistical pig, demolished what the animals had created (the windmill) and blamed Snowball, who had gotten away from the farm. Then Napoleon had the animals labour harder and harder, eventually exhausting them and causing them to die. If any of the animals were as intelligent as Napoleon, he would simply order their killing.

Boxer the horse is my favorite character because he would labor the hardest of all the animals and never give up, no matter how much it hurt or how old he became. “Napoleon is always correct,” he said instead of complaining to Napoleon. Because President Snow is like the humans and President Alma Coin is like Napoleon, this novel reminded me of another recent book, Mockingjay (Part Two of The Hunger Games movie). President Alma Coin overcomes President Snow, but then goes on to become corrupt, if not worse.

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