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Blood on the River PDF
[PDF] Blood on the River Book PDF
Author: Elisa Carbone
No. Of Pages: 77
PDF Size: 1.5 MB
Language: English
Category: eBooks & Novels
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Blood on the River PDF

Blood on the River Summary

Elisa Carbone’s historical book Blood on the River: James Town 1607 is about the early years and establishment of the English colony of James Town in Virginia between 1607 and 1610. This fictitious narrative of historical events and individuals is presented through the perspective of Samuel Collier, an 11-year-old servant who goes from London, England to James Town as a servant to Captain John Smith. It starts with his adventures before boarding the ship, then moves on to the challenges of ocean travel and the hardships and tribulations of settling in Virginia.

Samuel starts off as an orphan on the streets of London, where he gets caught for stealing. Instead of being hung, he is taken to an orphanage and later picked to serve in the new colony as a servant. Captain Smith appears to be a capable teacher, attempting to instruct Samuel on how to live in the New World.

The Powhatans greet the colonists when they arrive in Virginia, seeing them as the negative fulfilment of a prophesy that threatens the Powhatan kingdom. They have to deal with hunger, conflicts, misunderstandings, and illness. Political disputes between Capt. Smith and the colony’s gentleman leaders cause issues both within and beyond the colony. The Virginia Company’s expectations, which support the enterprise, make the colony’s existence difficult by requiring them to focus on profit-making.

Samuel learns about excellent leadership, how to get along with the Indians, and how to become a man from Capt. Smith as the colonists come into closer touch with the Powhatan people. He keeps an eye on the colony’s progress, the numerous leaders, and their terrible decisions. Samuel learns numerous new abilities that he may use to benefit the colony when he spends a season in a pleasant Indian hamlet. He also discovers that the English ways of life are not always the finest in the New World.

The gentlemen oppose Capt. Smith’s attempts to govern the colony, believing that his leadership poses a challenge to their influence in James Town. He gets caught many times for different offences, only to be spared by luck or friends each time. The Virginia Company’s decision to proclaim Chief Powhatan an English prince instead of acknowledging his people’s title as emperor causes a massive schism between the two civilizations. They are only spared because to the efforts of Captain Smith and Pocahontas.

The colony grows or perishes depending on how well the colonists get along with the indigenous tribes, and many colonists perish during difficult times. New arrivals replenish their numbers, ultimately adding women and children. After Capt. Smith is gravely wounded and goes to England, and Samuel is apprenticed to John Laydon and moved to Point Comfort, the colony suffers during the Starving Time, during which hundreds of colonists at James Town perish. Samuel goes on to become a Virginia leader.

Blood on the River Review

Eleven-year-old orphan Samuel joins Captain John Smith to Virginia as his page in his clear-eyed, heartbreaking account of the first year of the Jamestown Settlement. Samuel begins as an angry and resentful loner who is prone to picking conflicts with the other guys. Captain Smith had his own issues: the ship’s affluent and pompous noblemen despised him as a commoner attempting to rise above his station and attempted to have him executed. Despite this, Captain Smith spends time with Samuel, insisting that he join the group rather than continually attempting to “stand on one foot.”

Samuel soon understands Captain Smith’s insistence on cooperating with others, including the inscrutable Chief Powhatan, after witnessing a deadly attack by Powhatan warriors and the murder of one of the boys, facing starvation, constructing a fort and watching it destroyed by fire, and burying too many men dead of sickness.

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