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Dune Encyclopedia PDF
[PDF] Dune Encyclopedia PDF
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Dune Encyclopedia PDF

Dune Encyclopedia – Explained

The Dune Encyclopedia is a “fictional non-fiction” reference book set in the year 15540 AG and claimed to be edited by a man called Hadi Benotto. (AG stands for “After Guild,” which refers to the period after the formation of the spacing guild.)

Willis E. McNelly, a scholar and Dune aficionado, put together the book in real life. Willis’ The Dune Encyclopedia, along with other uncredited writers (there’s a mysterious bibliography at the back of the book), is what fanfiction as a textbook might look like.

Other sci-fi properties, such as Star Trek, Star Wars, and Doctor Who, have reference volumes that are at least ostensibly authorized by the franchise’s creators. But, other from permitting it to be produced, approving the material, and writing a short foreword, Frank Herbert had nothing to do with the creation of The Dune Encyclopedia in 1984.

“The Complete, Authorized Guide and Companion To Frank Herbert’s Masterpiece of the Imagination,” says the cover. However, since the book was released in 1984, one year before Chapterhouse: Dune, no material from that Dune novel, Herbert’s last work, is included.

Despite the fact that he signed it, Herbert only gives it a passing grade. “As the first ‘Dune fan,’ I offer this encyclopedia my joyful approval, while I keep my own counsel on some of the themes remaining to be examined as the Chronicles unfold,” Herbert says in a three-paragraph foreword.

Is the Dune Encyclopedia Canon?

While Herbert approved of The Dune Encyclopedia while he was alive, his estate was adamantly opposed after his death in 1986. The book was out of print by 2000, and reprinting it was deemed a non-profit endeavour. Despite the fact that McNelly said he had no intention of profiting from the reprint, he was stopped from doing so by Frank Herbert’s estate.

Why? Beginning with the book Dune: House Atreides in 1999, Herbert’s son Brian Herbert and co-author Kevin J. Anderson started producing “official” prequels to the Dune epic. Many elements in these and other prequels, such as The Butlerian Jihad, directly contradicted “historical” material in The Dune Encyclopedia. As a result, even fan wikis will classify content from The Dune Encyclopedia as being beyond the bounds of either the core book canon (the six original books) or the prequels’ “Expanded Canon.”

The Dune Encyclopedia is essentially a third canon for Dune, apart from the original novels and the estate’s “official” canon.

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