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Get Free A Rose for Emily PDF
[PDF] Get Free A Rose for Emily PDF (118 KB)
Author: William Faulkner
No. Of Pages: 37
PDF Size: 118 KB
Language: English
Category: eBooks & Novels
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Get Free A Rose for Emily PDF

Get Free A Rose for Emily Summary

There are five sections to the storey. In Part I, the narrator describes Emily Grierson’s death and how the whole community gathered to her funeral, which took place in her home, which had not been visited by a stranger in over ten years. Emily’s home is the last vestige of a bygone era in what was once a beautiful, affluent neighbourhood. When Emily’s father died, Colonel Sartoris, the town’s former mayor, postponed Emily’s tax obligations to the municipality, claiming that Mr. Grierson had previously loaned the hamlet a considerable amount. As the new town authorities assume office, they try in vain to convince Emily to start making payments. Emily tells the Board of Aldermen that she is not obligated to pay taxes in Jefferson and that the authorities should address the subject with Colonel Sartoris when they pay her a visit in the dusty and antiquated parlour. He had, however, been dead for nearly a decade at the time. Tobe, her servant, is to show the boys the door.

In Part II, the narrator describes a thirty-year-ago episode in which Emily defends the town authorities against another official inquiry when the townspeople detect a strong stink emanating from her home. Emily’s father has passed away, and she has been dumped by the man whom the village had anticipated her to marry. The mayor at the time, Judge Stevens, decides to have lime sprayed around the foundation of the Grierson home in the middle of the night as the number of complaints escalates. After a few weeks, the stench disappears, but the townspeople begin to feel sorry for Emily, remembering her great aunt’s craziness. Emily’s father chased away the numerous suitors deemed unsuitable to marry their daughter, and the Griersons were always considered as unduly confident by the townsfolk. Despite the fact that she has received no marriage offers, Emily is still single at the age of thirty.

The day after Mr. Grierson’s death, the ladies of the town contacted Emily to offer their condolences. Emily welcomes them at the door and tells them that her father is still alive, a charade she keeps up for three days. She ultimately finishes preparing her father’s body for burial.

The narrator addresses Emily’s prolonged illness as a consequence of this occurrence in Part III. The summer following her father’s death, the town employs workers to pave the pathways, and the task is awarded to a construction firm run by northerner Homer Barron. Homer swiftly rises to prominence in town, and when he is seen joining Emily on Sunday afternoon buggy rides, the community is outraged, and their scorn and support for Emily grows. They worry she is losing sight of her family’s dignity and getting involved with a guy of lower social standing.

As the affair drags on and Emily’s reputation deteriorates, she enters a pharmacy and purchases arsenic, a lethal poison. She is required by law to reveal her plans for using the arsenic. She gives no explanation, and when the cargo arrives at her house, it is labelled “for rats.”

The narrator explains the townspeople’s fear that Emily may use the poison to commit suicide in Part IV. Despite their regular Sunday pattern, her marriage to Homer seemed to be in jeopardy. The town’s most enraged women demand that Emily meet with the Baptist pastor. He never mentions what occurred following his stay and says he’ll never come back. So Emily’s two cousins in Alabama, who are visiting for the first time, get a letter from the minister’s wife. Emily receives a silver toilet set personalised with Homer’s initials, which brings up the couple’s marriage once again. Homer is supposed to be out of town, maybe preparing for Emily’s trip to the north or avoiding Emily’s nosy relatives.

After the cousins have departed, Homer pays a visit to the Grierson house one evening and is never seen again. While imprisoned up in her home, Emily grows obese and grey. Despite the few classes she offers in china painting, visitors are not permitted to enter her home. Emily, as has been a yearly habit, refuses to acknowledge the tax bill. She ultimately shuts down the top floor of the home. Nothing is heard from her until she dies at the age of seventy-four, save for a quick peek through the window. The servant is the only one who is seen entering and departing the house.

In Section V, the narrator tells what occurred after Emily died. Emily’s corpse is laid out in the parlour, and the ladies, town elders, and two cousins attend the funeral. The townspeople bust down the door of a locked upper chamber that hasn’t been opened in forty years after some time has passed. With wedding preparations and a man’s clothes all out, the room seems to be trapped in time. The corpse of Homer Barron is likewise stretched out on the bed, in a state of severe decomposition. Onlookers see a head depression next to Homer’s body in the pillow, as well as a long strand of Emily’s grey hair on the pillow.

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