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Get Free Life of Pi PDF
[PDF] Get Free Life of Pi PDF (405 KB)
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Get Free Life of Pi PDF

Get Free Life of Pi Summary

In a Literary’s Note, an unknown author figure claims that he relocated from Canada to India because he was restless. He met an old man called Francis Adirubasamy while drinking coffee in a cafĂ© in Pondicherry, who offered to tell him a magnificent storey that would restore his faith in God. This is the storey of Pi Patel. The author then moves on to the storey itself, but not before warning his audience that telling it in Pi’s own voice will make it appear more natural.

Part One is told in the first person by Pi. Pi narrates his life as a high school and college student in Toronto, and then even farther back to his boyhood in Pondicherry, from an ancient age. He admits to having gone through a lot and finding solace in religion and zoology. He tells how Francis Adirubasamy, his father’s close business partner and a skilled swimmer, taught him to swim and gave him his unusual name. The Piscine Molitor, a Parisian swimming club with two pools visited by Adirubasamy, is the inspiration for Adirubasamy’s Pi. Pi’s father used to operate the Pondicherry Zoo, where he educated Pi and his younger brother, Ravi, about animal hazards by feeding a live goat to a tiger right in front of their eyes. Pi, a Hindu by birth, discovers Christianity, then Islam, and resolves to practise all three faiths simultaneously. Due to political upheaval in India, Pi’s parents decided to evacuate the family to Canada, and on June 21, 1977, they set sail aboard a cargo ship with a crew and countless cages full of zoo animals.

At the start of Part Two, the ship starts to sink. Pi clings to a lifeboat and begs a tiger named Richard Parker to accompany him. After realising he made a mistake by bringing a wild animal aboard, Pi leaps into the ocean. Pi remembers the sinking’s deafening noise and turmoil as crewmembers shove him into a lifeboat, where he swiftly finds himself alone with a zebra, an orangutan, and a hyena, all of whom look to be in shock.

His family has abandoned him. Pi mulls over his dilemma as the storm passes. The hyena kills the zebra and orangutan, and suddenly Richard Parker arrives, much to Pi’s surprise: the tiger had been hidden in the lifeboat’s bottom all along. The tiger kills the hyena shortly after, leaving Pi and Richard Parker alone at sea. Pi gets by on bottled and filtered saltwater, as well as emergency food and recently captured marine creatures. He is also in charge of the tiger, which he has tamed and trained.

Days pass slowly, and the lifeboat’s passengers interact warily. Pi encounters another blind castaway while suffering from temporary blindness due to dehydration. While tying their boats together, they discuss about food. Richard Parker assassinates the blind man who assaulted Pi with the goal of devouring him. Soon after, the boat lands to a strange island with trees growing straight out of the greenery with no soil. Pi and Richard Parker stay for a time on the island, relaxing in their boat during the day and exploring the island at night. Pi finds a vast colony of sleeping meerkats in trees and freshwater ponds. Pi finds human teeth in a tree’s fruit one day and deduces that the island eats people. He and Richard Parker go back to the water and end up on a Mexican beach. People bring Pi to a hospital after Richard Parker escapes.

In Part Three, two Japanese Ministry of Transport officials question Pi about his time at sea in an effort to get insight into the unfortunate ship’s destiny. Pi relates the story as detailed above, but it does not completely satisfy the sceptics. So he tells it all over again, replacing humans for the animals: a ravenous chef for the hyena, a sailor for the zebra, and his mother for the orangutan. Officials say the two stories are plausible, with the second being much more probable. They compliment Pi on spending so much time with an adult tiger in their final report.

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Get Free Life of Pi PDF

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