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[PDF] Get Free THE VELDT PDF (103 KB)
Author: Ray Bradbury
No. Of Pages: 13
PDF Size: 103 KB
Language: English
Category: eBooks & Novels
Source: Drive Files

Get Free THE VELDT Summary

Wendy and Peter Hadley’s parents, George and Lydia Hadley, live in a technologically sophisticated home that takes care of everything for them, including transferring them upstairs, brushing their teeth, making dinner, and cleaning the house. Lydia first inquires as to if George has noticed anything wrong with his expensive and fascinating nursery. When it comes to what can be projected onto the glass walls, just the visitor’s imagination is the limit. On this particular excursion, George and Lydia are in the heart of the African countryside. Lions may be observed washing the bones of their prey with their mouths from afar. When the holographic lions rush at them, George and Lydia flee through the door.

Lydia informs George that she heard crying earlier in the day in the nursery, but he attempts to soothe her. He prefers to believe that the children are not preoccupied with blood and violence, but rather are psychologically healthy. After all, the room’s key selling point was that it would offer a secure environment for children to express their emotions while simultaneously educating adults interested in children’s brains. Lydia has a nagging sense that something nefarious is forming in her children’s heads. At dinner, George suggests shutting down the house and returning to a simpler way of life, something he’s done before and used to reprimand his children for misbehaviour. This is an excellent proposal, given Lydia’s sentiments of being displaced by the mansion. Since the house has taken on the function of her old self, she no longer feels like the mother, wife, and homemaker she once was.

George goes to the room for a second look, this time hoping to make the scene into Aladdin’s kingdom. Nothing seems to have changed, and he starts to feel that his children have a healthy obsession with the veldt, which only adds to his worries. He decided to ask them about the savannah’s persistence on his way back from the carnival, but they bluntly refused to admit its existence. Wendy observes that she is no longer in Africa, but rather in a wooded area when she returns after checking the chamber. When George and Lydia returned home from the fair, they discovered Wendy had changed the room. George believes the room has been tampered with since it smelt like scorched grass and had teeth marks on it.

They make contact with David McClean and request that he come to the nursery after George and Lydia have gone to bed. Now that Wendy and Peter have returned to the nursery, we can hear crying from below. “Those cries are familiar,” Lydia says. The reason for their likeness will be revealed at the conclusion of the storey. The following day, Peter inquires about the nursery’s future with his father. “Are you sure you’re not going to close the nursery for good?” he inquired. Peter’s reaction to George’s statement that they’d want to put the house on the market for a while and return to a more traditional way of living is unwise. Peter stomps away, threatening his father in some way.

David McClean admits that after investigating the room, he gets a bad feeling about it. In response to George’s desire for further details, David just gives his opinion. “I’m telling you, this isn’t enjoyable at all,” George says at first. Believe in my instincts and hunches. I’m always on the lookout for foul odours. This is a bad predicament. That is my suggestion.

Have the whole room dismantled, and bring your children to me every day for the next year for rehabilitation. That is my suggestion. What is it that is causing the present situation to be so dire? The decision by their parents to withdraw the nursery from their care has upset the children. As McClean explains to George, the house has taken the place of him and his wife, and they now value the house more than their original parents. Because McClean believes the nursery photos reflect “real hatred,” George chooses to turn off the camera stream right away. As they leave the home, Lydia’s scarf is picked up by McClean. There is blood all over the place.

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