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Hills Like White Elephants PDF
Hills Like White Elephants PDF
Author: Ernest Hemingway
No. Of Pages: 04
PDF Size: 17.7 KB
Language: English
Category: eBooks & Novels
Source: Drive Files
Hills Like White Elephants PDF

Hills Like White Elephants PDF

An American man and a young lady were waiting for the fast train to Madrid at a Spanish railway station in the early 1920s. They gulp beers, two licorice-flavored anis cocktails, and a last round of beer in the stifling heat while discussing the girl’s imminent “minor operation,” according to the American male.

The tension between them is almost as fierce as the Spanish heat. The guy tells the girl many times that he does not want her to get the treatment if she does not want it. He does, however, make it clear that he expects her to cooperate. The young girl is attempting to act brave and indifferent, but her anxiety over the procedure is palpable.

Her subterfuge irritates him, and she attempts to win him over with a beautiful figure of speech about the hills outside the railway station “appearing like white elephants.” He goes on and on about how he feels the treatment is “natural” and “not really an operation at all.”

Finally, the fast train arrives, and the two prepare to board. Despite her looks, the child claims to be “fine.” She’s lying and acquiescing to his requests in an attempt to calm him down. There still isn’t a solution. There is still a lot of apprehension in the air as they prepare to fly to Madrid. Her nervousness is caused by a surgery in Madrid, and she is angered by the man’s dishonest, patronizing empathy.

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