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Horus Rising PDF
[PDF] Horus Rising PDF
Author: Dan Abnett
No. Of Pages: 422
PDF Size: 2.8 MB
Language: English
Category: eBooks & Novels
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Horus Rising PDF

Horus Rising Synopsis

The human Imperium has reached its pinnacle after thousands of years of growth and conquest. With his vision for mankind realized, the Emperor transfers authority to his Warmaster, Horus, and returns to Terra. Is Horus, however, powerful enough to lead his fellow commanders and carry out the Emperor’s plan, or will such immense power corrupt him?

About Horus Rising Novel

For a publishing house, let alone a writer, the Horus Heresy series presents an intriguing problem. It’s an effort to explain how mankind’s “Golden Age” under the Emperor morphed from a legendary paradise of sophisticated technology to a terrifying fascist Dark Age in which humanity is constantly threatened with annihilation.

From January 2011 to April 2020, what would have been an amazing trilogy or even seven-book series became contentious as it grew into a fifty-six-book series that formed the foundation for Black Library. Keeping track of all of these plotlines, ideas, and thoughts is a massive effort. The fact that everything is predetermined to end up in one spot makes it more difficult rather than easier.

As the Star Wars Prequels taught us, all journeys begin with a first step, and I was one of the first to buy a copy of Horus Rising (the first book in the series as well as its title) when it was released. Horus Rising, written by Dan Abnett, is one of my all-time favourite novels in the Warhammer 40K world (technically Warhammer 30K right now). This is not the review for you if you don’t like effusive praise. Many of the previous books in the series have a dizzying aspect to them, but none of it hinders the tale here.

The concept is that the Emperor of Mankind has started the Great Crusade to reclaim all human space, from which most of them have wandered into the unknown. The Emperor has stepped down as Warmaster for unexplained reasons, and his favourite son/clone Horus Lupercal has been selected as his replacement. Horus’ legion of Space Marines, the Lunar Wolves, are thrilled, but Horus himself is worried by the Emperor’s seeming abandonment of them.

Garviel Loken, a freshly promoted “from the ranks” Space Marine (which is a bit of a lie since they’re all tremendously strong super-soldiers imbued with the Emperor’s gene seed), is the true protagonist of the series. Garviel has more sympathy than the average Space Marine, if he has any at all, and voices his reservations when the local (fake) Emperor of Mankind’s armies are killed before the planet is subjugated.

Garviel slowly but steadily begins to perceive the Imperium’s decay. Far from being a Golden Age, it is already a fascist dictatorship that has replaced all other ideas with mindless obedience. Because religion is punishable by death, people have started to worship the Emperor instead. It is also a conquest-driven Empire that demolishes both tyrannies and utopias. Many people imagined that the Emperor’s return would mark the beginning of humanity’s paradise, but it’s evident from this book that he was closer to Stalin than Jesus (despite some hints in-canon of being the latter).

The Imperium’s discovery of the Interex, a fascinating empire that depicts what the human race may have been like if it wasn’t ruled by an insane bloody-handed dictator who is (sadly) the brightest man in the world, exemplifies this point. It’s a Star Trek-style paradise that’s learnt about Chaos’s perils and formed friendships with species like the Eldar. Finally, the Imperium’s profound ignorance of the former, as well as its fervent loathing of the latter, contribute to a completely pointless conflict.

Garviel is one of my all-time favourite Warhammer 40K characters, and he’s definitely one of the greatest in the setting, as much as I enjoy Horus. He’s in an excellent position to consider the morality of his actions since he grew up in a culture where indoctrination is widespread but not all-encompassing. He’s also never met Chaos before, so when he eventually encounters his first daemon, he’s taken aback by what he sees. I appreciated his interactions with the average human people, who may or may not be simple mortals. He’s as far up as the Primarchs are above the Space Marines, yet he doesn’t look down on them. I believe he’ll appeal to grimdark enthusiasts since he’s a moral but tarnished figure.

A lot of the book is setting the stage for the series’ subsequent chapters, but you can pretty well foresee how a lot of it will play out. Horus is arrogant, proud, and seems to be a skilled politician and strategist, yet he is really scared of acting alone. He’s also clueless about a lot of essentials about how the world works, despite his suspicions that the Emperor is (and isn’t). As a result, he’s susceptible to deception and having his worldview questioned. Because he’s already a fascist and a war monger, his demise is more of a foregone conclusion than a tragedy.

Horus Rising is a solid novel that takes the Warhammer 40K setting seriously, with well-developed characters, foreshadowing, and conflicts. It’s all set up for future novels, but the glimpse into the Imperium’s history and “glory days” provides a bleak image, demonstrating that there was never a possibility it wouldn’t be tainted by Chaos. Indeed, it may have been worse if it hadn’t been, for the Emperor’s Imperium was probably just as awful in its own way.

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