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If by Rudyard Kipling PDF
If by Rudyard Kipling PDF
No. Of Pages: 3
PDF Size: 151 KB
Language: English
Category: Ebooks and Novels
Author: Rudyard Kipling

If by Rudyard Kipling Pdf

If you can maintain your head when everyone else is losing theirs and putting it on you, if you can trust yourself when everyone else is questioning you, but create room for their doubting as well,

If you can wait without being weary of waiting, or if you are lied about, don’t trade in falsehoods, or if you are disliked, don’t give in to hatred, and yet don’t seem too good or speak too wise:

If by Rudyard Kipling PDF

If you can dream—and not let your fantasies control you,

If you can think without making thinking your goal,

If you can meet with both Triumph and Disaster and treat them fairly,

If you can bear hearing the truth you’ve spoken, twisting by knaves to form a fool’s trap, or seeing the things you’ve given your life to break and stooping to rebuild them with worn-out tools, you can endure.

If you can assemble one heap of all your winnings, risk it on one turn of the pitch-and-toss, lose, and start all over again without saying anything about your loss;

If you can compel your heart, nerve, and sinew to serve your turn long after they’ve left, and thus cling on when there’s nothing in you save the will that whispers to them, “Hold on!”

If you can converse with large groups of people while maintaining your morality,

Or go for a stroll with the Kings—or lose contact with the common people,

If neither your enemies nor your beloved friends can harm you,

If you have the support of all men, but not too many,

If you can get through the harsh minutes,

With sixty seconds of running, you’ll own the Earth and all that is on it, and—more importantly—you’ll be a man, my son!

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