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Jane Eyre PDF
[PDF] Jane Eyre PDF (2.20 MB)
Author: Charlotte Bronete
No. Of Pages: 691
PDF Size: 2.20 MB
Language: English
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Jane Eyre PDF

Jane Eyre Summary

Jane Eyre is being raised as a young orphan by her harsh, affluent aunt. A servant called Bessie reads Jane tales and sings her songs, which is one of the few acts of compassion she gets. Jane’s aunt imprisons Jane in the red-chamber, the room where Jane’s Uncle Reed died, for arguing with her bullying cousin, John Reed, one day. While being held captive, Jane weeps and passes out, believing she sees her uncle’s spirit. When she wakes up, she is in the care of Bessie and Mr. Lloyd, a sympathetic pharmacist who recommends to Mrs. Reed that Jane be sent to school. Mrs. Reed concurs, much to Jane’s delight.

Jane learns that her life at Lowood School is far from ideal. The school’s headmaster, Mr. Brocklehurst, is a harsh, hypocritical, and aggressive man. Brocklehurst teaches his students a religion of poverty and deprivation while living a lavish lifestyle with his own family on school funds. At Lowood, Jane meets Helen Burns, a young girl with a strong, martyrlike attitude toward the school’s problems, who is both helpful and troublesome to Jane. Helen succumbs to consumption as a result of a massive typhus outbreak that ravages Lowood. Mr. Brocklehurst is also forced to leave by the pandemic, which draws attention to the unclean conditions at Lowood. When Brocklehurst is replaced by a group of more compassionate men, Jane’s situation improves dramatically. She spends another eight years at Lowood, six as a student and two as a teacher.

Jane is looking for new experiences after two years of teaching. She accepts a governess position at Thornfield Manor, where she tutors Adèle, a brilliant French girl. The estate is ruled by Mrs. Fairfax, a talented housekeeper. Jane’s employer at Thornfield is Rochester, a dark, passionate guy with whom Jane had an affair. She protects Rochester from a fire that he thinks was started by a drunken servant named Grace Poole one night. Grace Poole, on the other hand, continues to work at Thornfield, so Jane believes she hasn’t been told the complete storey. Jane is devastated when Rochester brings home Blanche Ingram, a beautiful but dangerous lady. Jane is expecting Rochester to propose to Blanche. Rochester, on the other hand, makes a proposal to Jane, who accepts with scepticism.

As Jane and Mr. Rochester prepare to exchange vows on their wedding day, Mr. Mason’s voice announces that Rochester already has a wife. Mason introduces himself as Bertha’s younger brother. Rochester’s wife, Bertha, whom he married when he was a young man in Jamaica, is still living, according to Mr. Mason. Rochester does not deny Mason’s claims, but he does explain Bertha’s insanity. He takes the wedding party back to Thornfield, where they see Bertha Mason, who is crawling about on all fours and howling like a beast. Rochester hides Bertha on Thornfield’s third floor and hires Grace Poole to keep an eye on her. Bertha was the true originator of the strange fire mentioned earlier in the book. Jane leaves Thornfield, knowing that she would never be able to remain with Rochester.

Jane is forced to sleep outdoors and beg for food since she is destitute and hungry. Finally, she is taken in by three siblings who live in a house known as Marsh End or Moor House. Their names are Mary, Diana, and St. John (pronounced “Sinjin”) Rivers, and Jane quickly makes friends with them. Jane is hired to teach in a charity school in Morton by St. John, a clergyman. When he tells her that her uncle, John Eyre, has died and left her a huge fortune of 20,000 pounds, he takes her off surprise. When Jane inquires about how he learned of this, he is even more surprised when he reveals that her uncle is also his uncle; Jane and the Riverses are cousins. Jane makes a hasty decision to divide her inheritance among her three newly discovered cousins.

St. John intends to become a missionary in India, and he firmly pushes Jane to accompany him—as his bride. Jane plans a trip to India, but she refuses to marry her cousin because she despises him. St. John tries to convince her to reconsider, and she nearly gives in. When she hears Rochester’s voice scream her call over the moors one night, she realises she can’t abandon the man she really loves indefinitely. Jane returns to Thornfield only to learn that it has been burned to the ground by Bertha Mason, who perished in the blaze. Rochester rescued the servants, but in the process he lost his sight and one of his hands. Rochester’s new house, Ferndean, where he lives with two servants, John and Mary, continues Jane’s adventure.

At Ferndean, Rochester and Jane revive their relationship and ultimately marry. Jane writes at the conclusion of her storey that she and Rochester have been married for ten wonderful years and that their lives together are completely equal. Rochester, she says, recovered sight in one eye after two years of blindness and watched the birth of their first kid.

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