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Mein Kampf PDF
Mein Kampf PDF
Author: Adolf Hitler
No. Of Pages: 557
PDF Size: 2.4 MB
Language: English
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Mein Kampf PDF

About Mein Kampf PDF

Adolf Hitler’s political manifesto, Mein Kampf (German: “My Struggle”). It was his sole full work, and it became the bible of National Socialism (Nazism) under the Third Reich of Germany. In 1925 and 1927, it was released in two volumes, with an abbreviated version following in 1930. It had sold 5,200,000 copies and been translated into 11 languages by the year 1939.

Die Abrechnung (“The Settlement [of Accounts],” or “Revenge”), the first book, was written in 1924 at the Bavarian castle of Landsberg am Lech, where Hitler was imprisoned after the failed Beer Hall Putsch of 1923. It discusses Hitler’s childhood, the First World War, and Germany’s “betrayal” in 1918; it also expresses Hitler’s racist ideology, identifying the Aryan as the “genius” race and the Jew as the “parasite,” and declaring the need for Germans to seek living space (Lebensraum) in the East at the expense of the hated Slavs and Russian Marxists. It also demands vengeance on France.

“The holy purpose of the German people…to unite and maintain the most precious racial elements…and lift them to the dominant position,” Hitler said. Hitler remarked, “All who are not of a decent race are chaff.” Germans had to “occupy themselves not only with the breeding of dogs, horses, and cats, but also with the purity of their own blood,” as they put it. The extermination of Jews was given worldwide importance by Hitler, who said that it “must obviously be a brutal process.”

After Hitler’s release from prison in December 1924, the second volume, Die Nationalsozialistische Bewegung (“The National Socialist Movement”), outlines the political programme, including terrorist tactics, that National Socialism must pursue both in gaining power and in exercising it in the new Germany.

In terms of style, Mein Kampf has been described as turgid, monotonous, meandering, illogical, and, at least in the first edition, full of grammatical faults, all of which indicate a half-educated man. It was, however, deftly demagogic, appealing to a wide range of disgruntled Germans, including the ultranationalistic, anti-Semitic, anti-democratic, anti-Marxist, and militaristic.

Despite its modest success at first, Mein Kampf’s popularity soared, as did Hitler’s and the Nazis’. In Germany, it finally became obligatory reading, and the government purchased copies to present to newlyweds as official wedding gifts. Following WWII, several measures were made to restrict access to the material. Following WWII, German legislation prohibited the sale and public display of literature advocating Nazi ideology.

Furthermore, the German state of Bavaria had been given the copyright of Mein Kampf, despite the fact that it had refused to provide publication rights. Foreign publishers, on the other hand, continued to publish the book, an act that drew censure in Germany and the countries where it was published, not least because of its appeal among white supremacist and neo-Nazi organisations. In other quarters, the book’s availability through Internet-based retailers was also a source of worry. Mein Kampf’s copyright ended on January 1, 2016, and the book became public domain. A extensively annotated version was issued shortly after by Munich’s Institute for Contemporary History.

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