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No Fear Shakespeare Romeo and Juliet PDF
[PDF] No Fear Shakespeare Romeo and Juliet PDF
Author: William Shakespeare
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Language: English
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No Fear Shakespeare Romeo and Juliet PDF

No Fear Shakespeare Romeo and Juliet Summary

Romeo and Juliet is a drama about the clash between the main characters’ love, which has transformational potential, and their families’ enmity, which represents darkness, hate, and selfishness. Romeo and Juliet, two young lovers, fall in love the first time they see each other, but their families’ hatred forces them to stay rivals. The lovers’ intense passions conflict with their families’ equally powerful hate of one other throughout the play. We may anticipate the lovers to be the uniting factor that brings the families together at first. If the play were a comedy, the feuding families would see reason and overcome their differences, Romeo and Juliet would marry in public, and everyone would live happily ever after. The Montague-Capulet animosity, on the other hand, is too strong for the lovers to overcome. The world of play is a flawed place where complete independence from all things but pure love is an unattainable aim. The characters’ love resolves the dispute in the end, albeit at the cost of their lives.

Romeo and Juliet are stuck by their social positions at the start of the play. Romeo is a young man who is supposed to pursue women, but he has chosen Rosaline, a virgin who has vowed to stay such. Romeo’s language regarding Rosaline implies he is acting rather than experiencing genuine, overwhelming emotion. His dissatisfaction is expressed in clichés that make his cousin Benvolio giggle. Romeo expects the conflict with the Capulets to delight him, but the feud makes him as wretched as his love: “O brawling love, O loving hatred” (1.1.). Juliet is in her room when we meet her, physically confined between her Nurse and her mother. Her responsibility as a young lady is to wait patiently for her parents to marry her. Juliet is dutiful but unenthusiastic when her mother declares that Paris would be Juliet’s future husband: “I’ll look to like, if looking liking move.” (1.3). These early scenes establish the characters of Romeo and Juliet, as well as the themes of love, sex, and marriage that would dominate the rest of the play.

Romeo’s choice to attend the Capulets’ party is the event that sets the storey in motion. This is Romeo’s first effort to break away from the role that has enslaved him. Benvolio has urged him to check out other ladies in order to get over Rosaline. Romeo is momentarily rejecting his social position as a Montague who must quarrel with the Capulets by coming to the Capulets’ house. Tybalt, on the other hand, regards Romeo’s presence as a “incursion” and vows vengeance: “this intrusion shall, / Now looking sweet, convert to bitt’rest gall” (1.5.). The importance of Romeo’s attendance at the celebration is raised by Tybalt’s rage, which foreshadows their final fight. Romeo and Juliet meet in the very next sentence following Tybalt’s leaving. Romeo now has the same stakes in remaining at the party as he does in leaving. He risks Tybalt’s fury if he remains, but if he quits, he will miss out on more time with Juliet. He puts his life on the line for love, demonstrating the relationship’s high stakes. When Romeo and Juliet speak, they use religious terms like “pilgrims,” “saints,” and “prayers” to emphasise the extraordinary nature of their new love, implying that their love would transcend earthly bounds.

Romeo returns to Juliet after the celebration. Their love provides both lovers with a feeling of liberation. Romeo has the impression that he is soaring on “love’s light wings” (2.2). Juliet considers her love to be “as limitless as the sea” (2.2). “Be merely pledged my love / And I’ll no longer be a Capulet,” she says, believing that love can free them both from their family (2.2.). We encounter Friar Lawrence in the following scene, who warns us that no matter how wonderful something seems to be, it can never be completely free of evil: “Virtue itself becomes vice when misapplied” (2.3). Friar Lawrence, too, gets carried up in the lovers’ ecstasy towards the conclusion of the piece. He decides to marry them because he thinks their love will put an end to the Montague-Capulet conflict. The following moments are more akin to a Shakespearean farce than a tragedy. Mercutio and the Nurse crack each other up with raunchy jokes. Romeo and Juliet devise a clever scheme to marry beneath their parents’ noses. The conflict between their families seemed to be coming to an end. The lovers marry at the conclusion of Act Two.

The drama changes from humour to tragedy as soon as the lovers are blissfully wedded. Tybalt is still seeking vengeance for Romeo’s attendance at the Capulets’ ball. Romeo declines to confront Tybalt, thinking that his secret marriage to Juliet has freed him from the conflict. Romeo’s independence, on the other hand, is a figment of his imagination. Mercutio confronts Tybalt when he irritates him. Mercutio is killed in the conflict. Romeo’s obligation to his new in-laws, the Capulets, now clashes with his need to revenge his friend’s murder. Tybalt is killed by Romeo. Despite the fact that he was driven into the murder and would have been murdered if he hadn’t killed first, he is no longer a blameless and innocent figure. It now seems that Romeo and Juliet will not be able to live happily ever after. Verona has expelled Romeo. He and Juliet spend their first—and last—night together before he goes. Because they know they will soon be separated, the scene is bittersweet and poignant, and the spectator realises that this may be the final time the lovers see one other alive. “More light and light, more dark and black our troubles,” Romeo and Juliet attempt to convince themselves that morning hasn’t arrived since the new day brings nothing but sorrow: “More light and light, more dark and gloomy our sorrows” (3.5).

Romeo and Juliet are more stuck than ever in the last moments. Neither character can go back to who they were before meeting, but the chances of their being together are little to none. Reality intrudes on all sides, making the situation seem impossible. Romeo’s reality comes in the shape of his exile to Mantua. Juliet’s reality is her upcoming wedding in Paris. The divergent destinies of the two lovers are closing in on them. Juliet uses a sleeping potion provided to her by Friar Lawrence to fake her own death in order to get out of her marriage to Paris. A plague outbreak in Mantua stops Romeo from learning that Juliet is simply sleeping, and reality intrudes once again. Romeo runs to Juliet’s grave, where he comes face to face with Paris. Romeo murders Paris, then enters Juliet’s grave and kills himself seconds before she wakes up, submitting to the circumstances that have imprisoned him in his tragic position. Juliet stabs herself with Romeo’s blade after she discovers his death. The lovers recognise that they are imprisoned by their destiny by killing themselves. Simultaneously, they flee the world that has kept them apart.

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