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Old Man and the Sea PDF
[PDF] Old Man and the Sea PDF (371 KB)
Author: Ernest Hemingway
No. Of Pages: 52
PDF Size: 371 Kb
Language: English
Category: eBooks & Novels
Source: Drive Files
Old Man and the Sea PDF

Old Man and the Sea Summary

The Old Man and the Sea tells the storey of an epic battle between an elderly, seasoned fisherman and the greatest catch of his life. Santiago, a 74-year-old Cuban fisherman, has been at sea for 84 days and has come home empty-handed. His youthful, faithful apprentice and friend, Manolin, has been forced to leave the old man in order to fish in a more profitable boat because of his misfortune. Nonetheless, when the kid gets home each night, he continues to care after the old guy. He helps the elderly man move his stuff to his improvised hut, gets him food, and discusses the current events in American baseball, especially the hardships of the old man’s idol, Joe DiMaggio. Santiago is certain that his pointless run will come to an end soon, and the following day he intends to sail out farther than usual.

Santiago sails his skiff well beyond the island’s small shoreline waters and into the Gulf Stream on the eighty-fifth day of his unlucky streak, as foretold. He scribbles his lines and then forgets about them. A enormous fish, Santiago recognises as a marlin, takes the bait he has put one hundred fathoms deep in the waves about lunchtime. Although the old gentleman successfully hooks the fish, he is unable to pull it in. The fish, on the other hand, starts to tug the boat.

Fearful of the marlin breaking a taut line, the old man takes the strain of the line with his shoulders, back, and hands, ready to give slack if the marlin makes a rush. All day, all night, all day the following day, and all night the next day, the fish pulls the boat. It moves northwest in a straight line until it tyres and starts swimming east with the tide. Because of the fishing line, Santiago is in constant pain. If the fish jumps, leaps, or tries to flee, the rope will severely cut Santiago. Despite his wounds and tiredness, the old man has a tremendous deal of empathy and compassion for the marlin, who he considers to be his brother in distress and who has shown strength and endurance.

On the third day, the fish are tired, and Santiago, sleep-deprived, injured, and almost mad, manages to lure the marlin close enough to harpoon it. Santiago had never seen a marlin as large as the one that lay dead beside the boat. He ties it to his boat, raises the mast, and sets sail for home. While Santiago is thrilled with the market price for the marlin, he is more worried that the people who will eat it are unworthy of the fish’s splendour.

As Santiago continues to sail with the marlin, its blood leaves a trail in the sea, enticing sharks. A enormous mako shark is the first to be attacked, which Santiago eliminates with the harpoon. During the struggle, the old man loses the harpoon as well as a significant amount of valuable rope, leaving him vulnerable to more shark attacks. The old guy does his best to fend off the vicious predators, stabbing them with a makeshift spear he crafts from a knife attached to an oar and even bashing them with the boat’s tiller. Despite killing a large number of sharks, others appear, and Santiago’s fight against the scavengers is useless by the time night falls. The marlin’s prized flesh is consumed, leaving just the bones, head, and tail. Santiago chastises himself for leaving his great and worthy opponent by going “too far.” He arrives home before sunrise, wanders back to his cabin, and promptly falls asleep.

A throng of astonished fishermen congregates around the fish’s skeletal corpse, which is still moored to the boat the following morning. Tourists at a nearby cafĂ© mistook the remains of the enormous marlin for a shark, oblivious of the old man’s struggle. When Manolin sees Santiago safe and sound in his bed, he breaks into tears, having been worried sick about the old man’s disappearance. The teenager sits and watches the old man sleep after bringing him coffee and the daily newspaper with baseball scores. When the elderly man wakes up, the two decide to go fishing together again. The elderly gentleman returns to sleep and dreams about lions playing on African beaches.

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