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Earth Our Cure PDF
[PDF] Our Earth Our Cure PDF (45.6 MB)
Author: Raymond Dextreit
No. Of Pages: 122
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Language: English
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Earth Our Cure PDF

Earth Our Cure PDF

They may appear insurmountable in the face of our environmental problems. The ramifications of these issues can be felt on a regional and global scale, and it can seem impossible to bridge the gaps that exist between countries, within countries, and even between people.

However, global environmental issues such as ozone depletion and acid rain have already been addressed and resolved. Understanding the scope of the problem and working together to create sets of rules that eliminate the problem’s causes were the methods by which we dealt with it. We are confident that we will be able to achieve it once more!

Let’s Start by Delving Deeper Into the Root Issues

When it comes to the most severe environmental concerns facing our world, they didn’t appear out of nowhere. Several variables are at work, including the tremendous expansion of the human population over the last two centuries, as well as our technological breakthroughs, consumption habits, and desire for riches.

These forces at work, which have transformed the face of the globe, have improved the lives of many people. If current trends continue, researchers believe that unbridled population growth and an insatiable need for Earth’s natural resources would imperil not just our species, but also the lives of many millions of people.

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