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Romiette and Julio PDF
[PDF] Romiette and Julio PDF (879 KB)
Author: Sharon M. Draper
No. Of Pages: 161
PDF Size: 879 KB
Language: English
Category: eBooks & Novels
Source: Drive Files
Romiette and Julio PDF

Romiette and Julio Summary

Romiette Cappelle, an African American adolescent, awakens from a nightmare in which she drowns in fire and water. Before she wakes up, she hears an unknown masculine voice calling to her. Despite the fact that she is horrified by the nightmare, she wonders whether the voice she hears is that of her soulmate.

Meanwhile, Julio Montague, a Hispanic teenager from Corpus Christi, Texas, has just arrived to town (Cincinnati, Ohio), and his first day at the same school as Romiette is the next day. He has a battle with Ben, a local kid, on his first day, and the two become friends when Ben refuses to charge Julio when confronted by the school’s administration. Julio enters a chatroom under the screen name “spanishlover” and starts speaking anonymously with “afroqueen,” whom he later finds to be Romiette, when he returns home that afternoon. Romiette informs her best friend Destiny about her online conversation with “Spanishlover,” and the two continue to communicate online, go on lunch dates, and eventually fall in love.

Their relationship enrages the “Devil Dogs,” a local gang that is opposed to an African American girl dating a Hispanic man. Makala, a gang member, repeatedly threatens Romiette. Julio informs his parents about the connection, and although his mother, Maria, agrees, Julio’s father, Luis, is against his son marrying an African American girl since his first fiancĂ©e was killed by African American gang members.

Romiette and Julio struggle under the weight of their surroundings’ criticism, and the gang threatens them with a revolver. The two of them meet with Ben and Destiny to arrange a plan to deal with the gang: Romiette and Julio will exhibit their affection in public in order to draw the attention of a gang member, while Ben and Destiny will be nearby with a gun, ready to jump in and confront them. When the car breaks down, the Devil Dogs kidnap Romiette and Julio. The storey comes to a halt at a critical point.

Ben and Destiny visit the Cappelles to inform them of what has occurred to Romiette’s parents, Lady and Cornell. The Lady inquires about the adolescent’s whereabouts, but Malaka denies knowing where they are. When questioned by the police, she eventually divulges their whereabouts.

At London Woods Lake, Romiette and Julio were discovered at the bottom of a boat. When lightning strikes, they are torn apart. Romiette passes out after falling into the water and being unable to swim, reenacting her nightmare. Julio spots her floating face down and brings her to the surface, where he realises she is not breathing. Romiette recognises Julio’s voice as Julio’s voice as Julio’s voice as Julio’s voice as Julio’s voice as Julio’s voice as Julio’s voice as Julio’s voice as Julio’s voice as Julio’s voice as Julio’s voice as Julio’s voice as Julio’s voice as Julio’s voice as Julio’s voice as Julio’s voice as Julio’s voice as Julio’s voice as

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