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The Book of Jubilees PDF
[PDF] The Book of Jubilees PDF Download
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The Book of Jubilees PDF

What Is The Book of Jubilees?

The name Jubilee may be recognisable to readers since it relates to the Year of Jubilee, which occurs every 49 years in Israelite history. The Israelites would rest, pay off their debts, and free their slaves in the 50th year.

This 49-year cycle is reflected in the Book of Jubilees, which divides history into “jubilees,” or 49-year time periods. 7×7 years would have had significant symbolic significance due to the number seven’s centrality in Israelite history and numerical symbolism in the Bible.

This book, also known as the “Lesser Genesis” or “Little Genesis,” provides a similar tale to that found in Genesis, as well as some additional details not found in the first book of the Old Testament, such as “the names of Adam’s daughters:” wân, whom Cain is said to marry later, and Azûrâ. We also learn more about the Nephilim, who are fallen angels who produce huge kids by sleeping with human spouses.

“Angels of the presence, angels of sanctifications, guardian angels over persons, and angels reigning over natural occurrences,” the text says, delving into categories of angels that we don’t typically encounter in other places of the canonical Bible.

Archangels, the Lord’s angel (a potential Christology or theogony), guardian angels, and angels in control of the natural world, to name a few. Is there a place for this book in the Old Testament canon? Is it from the Pseudepigrapha or the Apocrypha? And how much do we know about this book? We’ll go into these and other topics.

What Do We Truly Know About the Book of Jubilees?

The Book of Jubilees was most likely composed in the second century BC, between 135 and 105 BC, by Pharisees.

This book is a big proponent of the Lunar Calendar, which is a year made up of 364 days. The sum of seven-day weeks multiplied by 52 equals 364. As a result of the strong ties to the number seven, which is divisible by 364 and 49.

We also know that the found manuscripts were written in Ethiopian, although the originals are thought to have been written in Ancient Hebrew.

The book focuses on Moses and the events of Exodus, but it also includes the Genesis storey, implying that the Ten Commandments were already established in Jewish society before God inscribed them in stone (Exodus 20). The Jewish calendar and law, also known as Halakhah, are heavily emphasised in the Book of Jubilees, which is why it focuses on Moses.

The authors of the Book of Jubilees most likely did not intend for it to replace Genesis or Exodus, but rather to augment their relevance with this one’s tale. This book is said to be a revelation to Moses regarding the Jewish calendar.

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