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The Boy in The Striped Pajamas Book PDF
[PDF] The Boy in The Striped Pajamas Book PDF Download
Author: John Boyne
No. Of Pages: 133
PDF Size: 605 KB
Language: English
Category: eBooks & Novels
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The Boy in The Striped Pajamas Book PDF

The Boy in The Striped Pajamas Book Summary

Bruno, a little German kid growing up during World War II, is the protagonist of The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. Bruno, when he was nine years old, lived in his own fantasy world. He liked to read adventure books and embark on trips to discover the lesser-known nooks of his family’s big Berlin home. Bruno had little understanding of his father’s profession, despite the fact that he was a Nazi Party official in Germany. He also had no idea what was going on in the conflict. Bruno’s major worries in life were to obey his parents’ harsh restrictions and stay away from his elder sister, Gretel. Aside from that, he liked exploring Berlin and spending time with his three closest pals, Karl, Daniel, and Martin.

When Bruno returned home from school one day to find the family maid, Maria, collecting his possessions, his normal existence was destroyed. Bruno’s mother stated that Father was starting a new job shortly and that the family needed to relocate as soon as possible. The family boarded a train and moved to their new house a few days later. Bruno was not a fan of the new residence. It was not just smaller than their Berlin apartment, but it also seemed chilly and lonely to him. To make things worse, troops were stationed across the area.

Bruno noticed something strange as he peeked out the window of his new bedroom on the day the family arrived. He saw a big number of boys and men of all ages wearing striped pyjamas and matching headgear on the opposite side of a towering fence that extended far into the horizon. Bruno went to discuss their new life with his sister. Gretel understood their new home’s name was “Out-With,” but she was as clueless as Bruno about anything else. Bruno made the decision to talk to Father. Bruno inquired about the folks on the other side of the fence after expressing his dissatisfaction with the new residence and pushing for the family’s return to Berlin. They were “not persons at all,” according to Father, and Bruno should not be concerned.

Bruno was adamant about his dissatisfaction with the new residence. He attempted to persuade Maria to oppose the family’s transfer one day, but she refused. Father was a kind guy, she informed Bruno, and he had supported her and her family in their time of need. As a result, she would not say anything negative about him. Maria had never informed Bruno about her past before, and her narrative convinced him that she was a full person with her own background and experiences.

Bruno tried to keep himself engaged for weeks. He decided to build a tyre swing one day. Bruno tripped and scraped his leg while practising his new swing. From his kitchen window, an elderly Jewish guy called Pavel saw the event. Bruno was brought in and his wound was bandaged by Pavel, who used to be a doctor but now helps prepare and serve the family’s meals. Bruno was thankful for Pavel’s assistance, but he couldn’t understand why a doctor would serve as a servant.

After a few weeks, Bruno decided to go exploring. After history and geography studies with his tutor, Herr Liszt, Bruno went for a stroll along the fence he could see from his window in the afternoon. He travelled for an hour before seeing Shmuel, a little child who introduced himself. Bruno and Shmuel sat on opposite sides of the fence, sharing their stories. Shmuel described how his family was forced to relocate to a crowded ghetto before boarding a train to this camp in a distant section of Poland.

Bruno returned to the same area along the fence almost every day over the next several weeks and months, happy to have found a buddy. Bruno noted that Shmuel was becoming thinner and weaker as time went by. His skin was beginning to show signs of ageing. Bruno began sneaking bread and cheese for his starving pal.

Bruno strolled into the kitchen one day, in the middle of preparing for a party to honour Father’s birthday, and discovered Shmuel cleaning glasses. Bruno fed Shmuel some chicken, but Lieutenant Kotler, a young soldier, rushed in and caught Shmuel in the act. Lieutenant Kotler, in particular, Bruno despised and dreaded. Lieutenant Kotler promised to give Shmuel a lesson later if Bruno denied knowing Shmuel in a panic. Shmuel hadn’t shown up to the fence in about a week, and when he came, he was covered in bruises.

Mother became more listless and irritated with living at Out-With a year after the family arrived. When both children had lice, Mother persuaded Father that it was time for her to return to Berlin with the children.

Bruno broke the awful news to Shmuel about his upcoming departure, lamenting the fact that they had never had the opportunity to play together fully. Shmuel received his own awful news: his father had vanished. For their last day together, the two guys devised a plan. Bruno would crawl through the little gap at the bottom of the fence in disguise to assist his pal hunt for his father, and Shmuel would carry a pair of striped pyjamas. The next day, they put their plan into action. Bruno wanted to return home after looking in vain for information that might lead to Shmuel’s missing father. A squad of troops encircled the location where Bruno and Shmuel were standing at the time, forcing everyone to march inside a long, dark structure. Bruno held Shmuel’s hand and assured him he was his closest buddy as the doors were closed and horror erupted around the two lads.

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