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The Devil and Tom Walker PDF
[PDF] The Devil and Tom Walker PDF (673 KB)
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The Devil and Tom Walker PDF

The Devil and Tom Walker Summary

The Devil and Tom Walker,” a short story written by Washington Irving in 1727, is set in Boston. The film stars miserly Tom Walker and his equally selfish wife. They would sometimes keep food and money hidden from one another. On his way home from work, Tom once made a detour into the woods. He came upon a skull and stepped on it to clear it of dirt.

A black figure appeared out of nowhere and cautioned him not to meddle with the skull. Tom’s actions on his land piqued his interest. Deacon Peabody, according to Tom, was the true owner of this property. Other trees had names of locals carved into them, and the strange guy pointed to one of them. The man said that he had held the property for a long time before it was given to Deacon Peabody. “The wild huntsman,” “the black miner,” and “the black woodsman” were some of his nicknames. Tom recognized the man who looked to be the devil by his appellation “Old Scratch,” which he recognized as one of his nicknames. After a long conversation with the devil, Tom made it back to his residence.

The devil suggested a hidden fortune that he may expose to Tom if he accepted to certain conditions during their chat.

Before retiring under the dirt, the devil laid his hand on Tom’s skull to cement the deal. When Tom returned home, no amount of washing could remove the fingerprint on his forehead.

Absalom Crowninshield, whom Tom had met in the bush, had died, she told him. Finally, Tom decided to inform his wife about what he had seen, and her hunger persuaded him to accept the offer. Tom never went through with selling himself to the devil, despite his wife’s encouragement. She finally found out how to make a deal with the devil, so she set out. When she returned, she said he wanted something from her, but she wouldn’t disclose what.

The next evening, she went out again, this time with something in her apron. Tom waited for her to come back, but she had disappeared without a trace while he was waiting. An African American was reported to be in possession of an axe, a checkered apron, and an unidentifiable bundle. Tom eventually discovered the apron tied to a tree, but there was just a liver and a heart inside. He determined that the devil must have had a difficult time killing her because of her defiance and the existence of footprints and hair in the woods. He got the impression that the devil had done him a favor.

He ran with the devil again later, and they started discussing the terms of their pact. Tom resolutely refused to join the devil in the slave trade, despite the demon’s pleas. As an alternative, he agreed to become a money lender in return for meeting a pre-existing obligation. It was only a simple handshake.

Tom founded a countinghouse in Boston. When things were rough, Tom pretended to be a friend to the poor, doling out money to those in need in an almost unlimited manner. His dread of what would happen to him when he died prompted him to become a devout churchgoer who carried his Bible with him at all times.

When a man approached Tom one day and begged for money, Tom became upset. To the man’s criticism that Tom had amassed a large fortune over the years, Tom replied that the devil could have him if he had earned even a dollar. When the doorbell rang, a black man said that Tom’s time had finally come. Tom rode away after securing himself in the saddle. Tom disappeared into thin air. They found that all of his papers had been burnt to ashes, and that the fire had converted all of his gold to wood chips in his business. The terrain was filled with horse corpses, and his home had been utterly demolished. The devil’s encounter with Tom Walker became a proverb among irritable money lenders.

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