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The Horse and His Boy PDF
[PDF] The Horse and His Boy PDF (2.09 MB)
Author: C.S. Lewis
No. Of Pages: 128
PDF Size: 2.09 MB
Language: English
Category: eBooks & Novels
Source: Drive Files
The Horse and His Boy PDF

The Horse and His Boy Summary

The Horse and His Boy is the fifth novel in C.S. Lewis’s Chronicles of Narnia series. When Peter, Susan, Lucy, and Edmund were kings and queens of Narnia, they embarked on a fantastic journey. He is the son of a Calormen fisherman. He speaks to the Taarkaan’s horse, a talking horse from Narnia who is the Taarkaan’s greatest friend, after learning that his “father” is planning to sell him into slavery. They resolve to flee and go north to Narnia, where they will reunite with their companions.

They believe that lions are forcing them to meet up with Aravis, a young noblewoman, and her horse, Hwin, as they go through the woods. They get along with them. Aravis is fleeing in order to escape a state marriage. Their voyage puts them on a number of detours. Shasta realises that he and the Prince of Archenland are a perfect fit, and the two enjoy a great time together! (a little nation that serves as a barrier between Narnia and Calormen.)

When he is mistaken for Prince Corin, he is escorted to the palace. He discovers Queen Susan has arrived in Calormen to be courted by Prince Corin. He doesn’t want her to go since she has said no. She does, however, want to flee in a stealthy manner.

The Prince is also plotting a covert desert invasion on Archenland and Narnia, as it turns out. Aravis and Shasta make it across the desert in a race against time to warn the King of Archenland that someone is attacking. They are ambushed and hunted by a lion at the conclusion of their trek, when they are too weary to continue. They come to a halt in Archenland at a hermit’s home.

She sets off on her own to locate King Lune and inform him about the assault. He becomes lost along the route and seeks assistance from Aslan, who he discovers has been watching over him the whole while. Finally, it was Aslan who forced him to meet up with Aravis, and Aslan pursued them until they arrived in Archenland.

Shasta informs the king of the invasion in time for him to assemble an army to repel it, allowing him to complete the task. Shasta is revealed to be King Lune’s long-lost son and a twin to Prince Corin, who is his counterpart. Shasta will, in fact, become king one day. It has been determined that Aravis would spend a lengthy period in Archenland’s court. She and Shasta will marry and control the kingdom together one day.

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