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The Kite Runner PDF
[PDF] The Kite Runner PDF (1.41 MB)
Author: Khaled Hosseini
No. Of Pages: 374
PDF Size: 1.41 MB
Language: English
Category: eBooks & Novels
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The Kite Runner PDF

The Kite Runner PDF Summary

The action shifts to the winter, when the kite-fighting competition takes place. Boys battle to see who can cut the opponent kite’s string earliest by covering their kite strings with glass. Boys track a kite down and recover it when it goes missing, a practise known as “kite running.” After Amir wins the tournament, Hassan sets out to run the losing kite. Amir looks for him and finds Hassan stuck at the end of an alley, his pants down. While Wali and Kamal detain him, Assef raps him. When Hassan arrives with the kite, Amir pretends he had no knowledge what had happened. After that, Amir and Hassan begin to drift apart. Amir, who is tortured with regret, decides that he or Hassan must go. He conceals money and a watch under Hassan’s pillow and tells Baba that Hassan has taken them. Hassan confesses to the crime when Baba confronts them, despite the fact that he did not do it. Soon after, Ali and Hassan depart.

The storey now takes place in March of 1981. Baba and Amir are hiding in the back of a truck on their way out of Kabul, which has been seized by the Soviets and has become a battleground. After a long journey, they arrive at Pakistan. After two years apart, Baba and Amir have reunited in Fremont, California. Baba works at a fuel station while Amir finishes high school and attends college. Baba and Amir sell stuff at a flea market on Sundays, when Baba bumps with an old friend, General Taheri. Amir notices Soraya, the daughter of General Taheri. General Taheri intercepts Amir when he finally talks to her and advises him that there is a proper way to handle things. Soon later, Baba is diagnosed with lung cancer. Amir asks Baba whether he may marry Soraya with General Taheri’s approval. General Taheri agreed to the proposal. The wedding is expedited due to Baba’s illness, and Baba dies a month later. While Amir concentrates on his writing career, he and Soraya try and fail to have a child.

Rahim Khan dials Amir’s phone number. Rahim Khan is sick and would want to see Amir in Pakistan. When they meet a week later, Rahim Khan warns Amir about the destruction in Kabul. He maintains that things only became worse once the Soviets were kicked out. The Taliban now rule with ruthlessness. He has a request for Amir, but he must first alert him of Hassan’s whereabouts. After Baba and Amir left Afghanistan, Rahim Khan kept an eye on their home. He was lonely and becoming older, so he decided to track down Hassan. Hassan and Hassan’s wife, Farzana, were convinced to join him back to Kabul. Farzana and Hassan’s baby, Sohrab, was eventually born. Rahim Khan went to Pakistan a few years later for medical treatment, but he got a call from a neighbour in Kabul. Before delivering Sohrab to an orphanage, the Taliban went to Baba’s home and executed Hassan and Farzana.

Amir is to go to Kabul and bring Sohrab back to Pakistan, where he would be cared for by a couple, according to Rahim Khan. He tells Amir that Hassan’s father is Baba, and Amir agrees. When Amir gets in Afghanistan, he finds the orphanage where Sohrab is supposed to be, but he is missing. Sohrab was kidnapped by a Taliban officer around a month ago, according to the orphanage’s director. Amir will be at the soccer stadium the following day during the game if he wants to locate the official. The Taliban put a man and a woman in holes in the ground at halftime, and the official Amir looks for stones to murder them. Through one of the Taliban guards, Amir arranges a meeting with the official.

When they meet, Amir tells the official he’s seeking for a little kid called Sohrab, and the official tells the guards to bring him in. Sohrab is outfitted in a blue silk suit with mascara on his lashes, giving him a more feminine look and hinting that the men sexually harassed him. When the official mentions something Amir recognises, he discovers it is Assef. According to Assef, he has some unfinished business. With his brass knuckles, he thrashes Amir, fracturing his ribs and shredding his lip. Sohrab threatens Assef with his slingshot, and when Assef attacks, Sohrab shoots him in the eye, enabling Amir and Sohrab to leave. As Amir recovers in the hospital, he learns that Sohrab has never had a pair to care for him. Sohrab accepts Amir’s invitation to live with him in the United States.

Adoption authorities notify Amir that he would be unable to adopt Sohrab because he cannot prove that his parents are dead, and Amir warns Sohrab that he may have to return to an orphanage. Sohrab tries suicide before Amir and Soraya can notify him of their intention to bring him to the United States. He’s still alive, but he hasn’t spoken anything in a long time. Even when they transport Sohrab to California, he remains reclusive. One day, they went to a park with other Afghans. There are kites being flown. Amir buys one and persuades Sohrab to join him on the flight. They come discover another kite and decide to fight it. They triumph by using one of Hassan’s favourite strategies. As the wayward kite flies away, Sohrab smiles, and Amir sets out to collect it for him.

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