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You Are a Badass Book PDF
You Are a Badass Book PDF Download
No. Of Pages: 243
PDF Size: 1.5 MB
Author: Jen Sincero
Language: English
Category: eBooks & Novels
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You Are a Badass Book PDF

You Are a Badass Book Conclusion

A little background about Jen Sincero, the author: She’s a big-business career, success, and life coach, as well as a multiple-title New York Times bestselling book who helps individuals make substantial changes in their lives for the better. But she wasn’t always successful, and the lessons she learned through a life of struggle and uncertainty helped her find her path and lead others.

Short narrative anecdotes from Sincero’s life (essentially talking about people she knows or situations she’s experienced, which serve to reinforce her point) are interspersed throughout the book, followed by suggestions and quotations to help you put the knowledge into action in your own life.

You Are a Badass Book Overview

She goes on to say that our subconscious brains (our inner sentiments) tend to control the show depending on the ideas we adopt as children. The subconscious then takes control of our conscious brains (the analytical ideas in our heads). So, what does it all mean? We are often guided by our subconscious without even realising it, which means we unknowingly do and believe things that might bring us down and lead us down the wrong road.

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She goes on to add that we’re all linked to the Universe and that we’re all simply energy going through it. And, because we’re all simply vibrating along, it’s important to remember that like attracts like. As a result, you should elevate your frequency in order to connect with the energy you seek. That’s a very fantastic idea.

Sincero also urges us to remain in the now and linked to the Universe’s Source Energy. We spend so much time worrying about little matters that we often overlook the magnificence of life’s moments. She discusses Ego, which she defines as your limiting ideas and the part of you that is holding you back. Because change is difficult, this Ego will try all it can to hinder you from changing as well.

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Sincero begins the lessons by setting the stage for our present situation. The first step, of course, is to learn to love yourself and give yourself affirmations. She recommends abandoning self-deprecating humour and forgiving oneself for previous errors. She goes on to say that we should stop worrying so much about what other people think and that we should not get our self-worth from others. Truth!

Sincero wants us to understand that everyone has a special gift to contribute to the world, and it is up to us to discover out what that talent is and use it. And the best way to find out is to get started. “Most solutions show themselves by acting, not thinking,” says the author. Of course, she wants us to meditate so that we may be more present and learn to hear our own inner voices. And, while we’re on the subject of inner voices, our ideas are what shape our reality, therefore we must first modify our thinking.

I appreciated her idea about adopting a mentality in which you respond “This is excellent, becauseā€¦” to pretty much everything that occurs in life, forcing you to see even the most insignificant events as opportunities for progress. It’s very effective!

When it comes to taking action, Sincero wants us to remember that done is better than perfect, and that the best approach to finish a major project is to break it down into little chunks and then delegate or die. If you want to expand your firm, you’ll need to hire some assistance, so identify the jobs you’re not excellent at or like performing and delegate them to someone else. It’s conceivable.

Moving on, Sincero advises us to be decisive rather than wasting time indecisiveness (oh boy, this one strikes home for me), and she also claims that the most prevalent quality among successful people is that they make swift judgments, since hesitation is torturous. But you don’t have to be right all of the time; failure is OK. For example, According to Sincero, Steven Spielberg was denied three times from film school and yet managed to succeed. So keep in mind that “the only failure is leaving; the rest is knowledge.” When it comes to making choices, think large. Because anything you want will become accessible to you if you up-level it.

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