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Zulu Love Novels PDF
Zulu Love Novels PDF Download
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Zulu Love Novels PDF

Zulu Love Novels Review

I raced into this biography, expecting for a light and interesting read, and Fred Khumalo’s remarks on the blurb piqued my interest even more.

I ignored the author’s notes, foreword, and prologue because, at best, they create false expectations and, at worst, they are spoilers of what’s coming up in the book. I tried to keep one; it died with only two entries and a summary of my first week in boarding school; it died with only two entries and a summary of my first week in boarding school.

Our great men and women are shaped by their circumstances. We would not have learned about Nelson Mandela’s class’s extraordinary spirit of perseverance if apartheid had never existed. The interracial marriage of a Zulu boy and a white lady is the central theme of this book.

However, the book is effectively shot down in the first chapter. Mncube sets a storey about his abuse as a child in the reader’s mind, and then rambles on about things like mankgorong – a chicken whose head is hacked off in front of the gate before the initiates may enter into the home yard – without really reaching to the heart of the difficulties he is addressing.

He writes about and portrays his interracial marriage as if he were an observer on a study of the phenomena, robbing the reader of a deep emotional connection to his marriage, its highs and lows, depth and richness. Mncube quotes research articles as if they are the ones that have influenced his life; as if the study results have somehow validated his storey.

Professor D, his code-named wife, had some kind of contact with his family before he kissed her – the kiss that started it all – and there’s a terrifying chapter about how his family would react to the news of his white wife.

Then there’s the fact that he wrote this book as if he were writing on social media sites, where his fans reply warmly, essentially patting him on the back, without applying critical thinking or judgement.

A memoir of a poor Zulu guy who married a rich white lady who seemed to have erased his Zulu identity is available here. The Zulu people are a proud people who are especially proud of King Zwelithini. Mncube is locked out of his own home, and his wife has told him that he must be courteous before she would allow him in. And why did you give your wife a code name?

Mncube does not question his manhood or his marriage. He went on and on, looking for a plot, even going into depth about the Zulu tribe’s lobola procedures, which had nothing to do with his marriage.

Worst of all, this paragraph: “However, I am done playing Mr Nice Guy with my wife on my part.” As a white person, all I ever wanted from her was the restoration of the stolen land. I’ve been putting off making this demand for 16 years. Here’s a challenge for you, Professor D.: return the land, and all will be forgiven.” I take another look at the book’s cover.

Professor D is still a mystery to me. The love journal is revealed to be a political manifesto on land reappropriation.

That, and a type of Zulu boy’s conquering journal, in which Mncube, with naïve honesty, recreates his previous relationships and troubles – some of which should have stayed buried – for no apparent reason and with no bearing on his tale.

I end this book with the impression that it was published too soon. Yes, there is a writer inside this book, just as there are things of different, national, and multicultural value within it, but it took a lot of thinking, criticism, and attention for it to bloom and take form.

It’s like a mankgorong who passes out at the gate right now. This is the worst book I’ve read this year, but the year isn’t through yet.

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