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The Third Eye Book PDF
The Third Eye Book PDF Download
No. Of Pages: 247
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Language: English
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The Third Eye Book PDF

About The Third Eye Book Author

Birth:18 April 1910 Plympton, Plymouth, Devon, South West England
Death:25 January 1991 Calgary, Alberta, Canada (aged 70 years)
From:United Kingdom
Intro: English Writer
About The Third Eye Book Author

The Third Eye Book Conclusion

T. Lobsang Rampa’s destiny as a Tibetan monk was written in the stars and could not be ignored. With only a sliver of knowledge of the rigorous spiritual training and physical ordeal that awaited him when he left his wealthy home to enter the monastery, his heart was filled with trepidation…

This is his story, a hauntingly beautiful and deeply inspiring journey of awakening within Chakpori Lamasery, the temple of Tibetan medicine… It’s a spiritual guide to enlightenment and discovery via the opening of the all-powerful, all-knowing through the mystic arts of astral projection, crystal gazing, aura decoding, meditation, and more.

The novel The Third Eye was released in the United Kingdom in November 1956. It was written by a guy called Tuesday Lobsang Rampa, and it claimed to recount his experiences growing up at Chakpori Lamasery, Chokpori, Tibet, after being taken there when he was seven years old. The title of the book is drawn from an operation that Rampa said he had had, akin to trepanation, in which a tiny hole was bored into his forehead to activate the third eye and increase clairvoyant abilities.

Throughout the novel, Rampa meets yetis and finally a mummified corpse of himself from a previous life. He also takes part in an initiation ritual, during which he learns that the Earth was attacked by another planet during its early history, forcing Tibet to become the mountain empire it is today.

The Third Eye’s manuscript was rejected by many major British publishers before being accepted by Secker and Warburg for an advance of £800 (£18,000 today). Secker and Warburg’s Fredric Warburg had met the book’s author, who pretended to be “Doctor Carl Kuon Suo” at the time.

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Warburg forwarded the text to a number of experts because he was intrigued by the writer’s personality, but some of them voiced questions about its legitimacy. Despite this, the book was released in November 1956 and quickly became a worldwide success. “It came close to becoming a work of art,” the Times Literary Supplement stated of the book.

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