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School of Ministry Download PDF
School of Ministry Download
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School of Ministry Download PDF

School of Ministry Download PDF

The capacity you create in your personal life is the amount of room you create for God to move.
The mandate of the ASOM is based on the post-resurrection methodology of unveiling Christ as revealed in
Luke 24, which records Christ’ discussion with the two disciples on the road to Emmaus. He did three

  1. He opened their hearts by opening the Scriptures
    The Scriptures are our primary reference. We will allow the Scriptures to lead Jesus out unto us –
    from the Law, the Prophets and the Psalms. The Scriptures will speak in this school. Train yourself
    to shift to the next level of engagement with the Word. Do not succumb to fatigue or sleep.
  2. He opened their eyes – by breaking the bread
    Break the grace in the Word, through those who will bring the Word. This will demand for you to
    personally engage the Word at a deeper level. Be conscious of how grace is ‘broken’. First catch it
    in your spirit – let your mind catch up later if it has to. There will also be the ‘appearing of Christ’ –
    be ‘raptured’ up into revelations of Christ.
  3. He opened their minds – by piecing various segments of the Scriptures.
    Jesus brought fragments of truth and pieced it together so that they can see the whole truth. Recall
    the imagery of the dry bones becoming a powerful army. These bones are not the skeletons of a
    human body, but are the foundations of pieces of truth scattered in the valley of God. They are
    scattered all over. The body is dismembered

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