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Scott Meredith Martial Arts DownloadPDF
Scott Meredith Martial Arts PDF Download
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Scott Meredith Martial Arts DownloadPDF

Scott Meredith Martial Arts DownloadPDF

Long ago in a far-away land, the King yearned for the deepest secret of the Art,
to gain its powers and pleasures. He summoned the realm’s greatest wise men
and most learned scholars to a royal audience in the high tower. As they jostled
and murmured before the golden throne, the King commanded them: Silence! I
desire for myself the powers and pleasures of the Art. But long, hard practice
does not befit a King. I won’t knock for empty years outside the Art’s door, rather
will I batter it down with Knowledge alone! I give you, my wisest scholars,
wizards, and magi, one year to distill for me the boiled essence of the Art, as
short and simple as may be. Go now, and work well – lest your heads pay the
forfeit of your task.
When the leaves had browned, and greened, and browned again, the King
assembled the wise men and commanded: Tell me the Art’s great secret, as short
and simple as may be. So the oldest and wisest of them bent low before the great
throne, and his arms trembled as twigs in the storm, yet he held high a small
scroll, saying: O King, we have squeezed and scraped and squashed the Art
down to but a single word, that your Majesty can easily gain for Himself the
powers and pleasures it may yield.
The King spread the scroll and read the single word that held all the Art. That
word was merely this:
And the King said: You have done well to be so brief with the Art’s great secret.
But I can’t use it. This word alone does not make the Art mine. I therefore grant
you another year to boil down the Art’s essence for me

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