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Siu Nim Tao Download PDF
Siu Nim Tao Download PDF
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Language: Chinese
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Siu Nim Tao Download PDF

Siu Nim Tao Download PDF

Wing Chun’s basic form is Siu Nim Tau. It has three distinct characteristics: (1) it does not require the application of force; (2) it has the strongest structure with the least amount of energy; and (3) it causes a person’s mental force to be released. Siu Nim Tau is broken into three sections for learning.

There are three phases.



It is essential to

The muscles should be relaxed.

of the entire body Then he ought to

It fills the spirit with energy.

so that it can be kept straight.

Infection with anus

It’s also significant because it can aid the body’s many sections in forming a coherent framework.


the second phase.

It isbest to practise when entirely unwinded. When one is completely familiar with all of the moves, he should practise each one with the intent of commencing the action without worrying about whether it is correct or not. He must ensure that the mind, not the muscles, initiates each movement. After finishing the previous two phases of training, it is time to practise the major point of Siu Nim Tau. This is for the purpose of learning how to

The mind force should be released.

as well as familiarisation with the

automatic response

When it comes to fighting,

Putting this kind of technique down on paper is akin to creating a theory without doing any tests. It is impossible to believe until one has personally encountered such procedures. Fortunately, with the help of the video, a Wing Chun student will be able to thoroughly comprehend the techniques.

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