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Social Atom Download PDF
Social Atom Download PDF
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Social Atom Download PDF

Social Atom Download PDF

1.Schelling’s segregation game (1971): Paradoxically, people’s innocent preference to avoid
living in an extreme minority ends up. obliterating mixed communities altogether.
[C] 1. The asymmetry between attractive and repulsive interactions should be paid attention.

  1. If there are some people who love being minority (or donft care), what happens? What
    is the personality/peculiarity effect?
    Schelling’s work also offers a positive message—that a good way to get some insight into the
    human world is Ito step back from our usual fixation on the nuances of individual human
    psychology and to follow a more simpleminded approach.
  2. Think patterns, not people
    loc173 The one thing that makes Kerala different is education. Not education about birth control
    and family planning, as you might expect, but general education, in reading, writing, and
    arithmetic, and especially for women.
    Economists and social researchers now agree that in Kerala, women’s education is the
    magic bullet that has taken the air out of the great balloon of population growth—a balloon
    that had been ascending steadily for thousands of years

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