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The Consumer Book PDF
[PDF] The Consumer Book PDF by M. Gira
No. Of Pages: 235
PDF Size: 3.1 MB
Language: English
Category: eBooks & Novels
Author: M. Gira
The Consumer Book PDF

The Consumer Book Summary

Despite the fact that this is his debut book, Michael R. Gira is no stranger to depicting the veiled solitude and deep mortality of the human experience under extreme situations. Gira has been most recognised for his work in the music industry since 1982, when he founded and led the proto-industrial/post-punk band Swans. Swans gave a sluggish jackhammer lobotomy of sound to the world in place of conventional music; a blatant verbal pummeling of the ego and the universe in which it lives. There were only a small number of words used in this way: words that were caustic and minimalist were chosen. Themes of self-loathing and aggression that was suppressed reverberated most often.

“Empathy,” the book’s first chapter, seems to be a love tale told from the viewpoint of an incestuous acid trip. A lone man in Los Angeles muses on events that began with the entrance of his mentally ill sister, who seems to be responsible for their parents’ deaths. He brings her inside the one-bedroom home he’s bought with money given to him in the will, without asking how or why she was freed. The reunion then devolves into a perplexing symbiosis. The narrator’s fragility and malleability are exploited by the sister via sex, and he uses her to define his needs and identity. The end result, as one could anticipate, is not nice.

“Why I Ate My Wife” examines the thoughts of a guy who has lost his wife for various reasons. She rests on a table in front of him, making the reader believe he is to blame for her death. A lady, whose primary goal is to serve as a conduit through which the guy might escape his own identity, defines his life in a way that is thematically similar to “Empathy.” Because she was killed and absorbed by him, he thinks that their essences will mix together, giving birth to an organic concoction that goes beyond them both.

Amid “The Young Man Who Hid His Body Inside A Horse, or, My Vulvic Los Angeles,” a methamphetamine addict waits for his final days before a bizarre apocalypse in a repulsive and rotting metropolitan setting. This storey depicts the physical and emotional liquidation of identity bonds via the agony of addiction and withdrawal. It makes no difference if the end-of-the-world scenario is genuine or imagined. The importance of this narrative is in the gradual progression of a process toward an eventual and fruitless end. The urbane’s disease and alienation have never been more expressed.

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