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The Giving Tree PDF
[PDF] The Giving Tree PDF(Shel Silverstein)
Author: Shel Silverstein
No. Of Pages: 27
PDF Size: 9.5 MB
Language: English
Category: eBooks & Novels
Source: Drive Files
The Giving Tree PDF

The Giving Tree Summary

Shel Silverstein’s The Giving Tree opens with an apple tree. A tiny Boy was adored by the tree, and the tree was adored by the Boy. He’d come to play with the tree on a regular basis. “Gather her leaves,” “climb up her trunk,” and “swing from her branches,” the Boy would say. The Tree and the Boy spent a lot of time together. The tree would provide shade for the Boy while he ate her apples. They were both quite pleased and had a lot of fun together.

But as time passed, the Boy began to mature. As he got older, he visited the tree less and less, and the tree became lonely and unhappy. The Boy reappeared after a time. The tree yearned to be happy with the Boy once again, but he wasn’t available to play. The Boy was looking for a way to generate money. Because the tree wanted to make the Boy happy, she sold all of her apples to him.

After some more time had gone, the Boy reappeared. The tree offered him all of its branches since he wanted to construct a home. Even though the tree didn’t have much more to offer, it tried. When the Boy returned, he requested a boat to sail away on, so the tree gave him her trunk and instructed him to construct a boat out of it. She was overjoyed every time the tree delivered anything to the kid. As a result, she continued to provide.

The Boy reappeared a long time afterwards. Despite the fact that the Boy was now extremely old and didn’t want anything, the tree hoped she could offer him something. The tree had virtually nothing at this time. She was little more than an old stump in the woods. The tree gave the Boy a seat on her stump. The youngster was overjoyed. The tree, too, was dead.

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