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The Illustrated Mind PDF Download PDF
The Illustrated Mind PDF Download
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The Illustrated Mind PDF Download PDF

The Illustrated Mind PDF Download PDF

functional brain imaging machines allowed scientists to look inside
the living brain and see its mechanisms at work. In the last 20 years,
positron emission tomography (PET), functional magnetic resonance
imaging (fMRI), and, most recently, magnetic encephalography
(MEG) have among them produced an ever more detailed map of
the brain’s functions.
Today we can point to the circuitry that keeps our vital processes
going, the cells that produce our neurotransmitters, the synapses
where signals leap from cell to cell, and the nerve fibers that convey
pain or move our limbs. We know how our sense organs turn light
rays and sounds waves into electrical signals, and we can trace the
routes they follow to the specialized areas of cortex that respond to
them. We know that such stimuli are weighed, valued, and turned
into emotions by the amygdala—a tiny nugget of tissue that punches
well above its weight. We can see the hippocampus retrieve a memory,
or watch the prefrontal cortex make a moral judgment. We can
recognize the nerve patterns associated with amusement, empathy—
even the thrill of schadenfreude at the sight of an adversary suffering
defeat. More than just a map, the picture emerging from imaging
studies reveals the brain to be an astonishingly complex, sensitive
system in which each part affects almost every other. “High level”
cognition performed by the frontal lobes, for instance, feeds back to
affect sensory experience—so what we see when we look at an object
is shaped by expectation as well as by the effect of light hitting the

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