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The Raven PDF
[PDF] The Raven PDF by Edgar Allan Poe
No. Of Pages: 05
PDF Size: 309 KB
Language: English
Category: eBooks & Novels
Author: Edgar Allan Poe
The Raven PDF

The Raven Summary

On a dismal December night, a nameless speaker sits in his room, reading ancient, arcane literature. He misses his sweetheart, Lenore, who apparently died not long ago, and he believes that reading would help him forget about her. He’s almost out of breath when he hears someone—or something—knocking on the door. He feels apprehensive right away, but reassures himself that it’s most likely simply a guest. He apologises for the delay in his answer. When he opens the door, though, no one is there. “Lenore,” he murmurs to the darkness beyond, but all he hears are his own words. The banging continues ominously, this time from the window. The speaker thinks it’s the wind, but he or she is nevertheless unsettled. A raven flies in through the window shutters, perching on a bust of the Greek goddess Pallas Athena over the bedroom entrance. The speaker is temporarily relieved by the sight of the bird. He humorously inquires about the bird’s name. “Nevermore,” the raven exclaims, much to his surprise.

The speaker is taken aback and has no idea what the raven is saying. He regains his calm and says to himself that the bird will soon fly away. “Nevermore!” says the raven once more. Still attempting to soothe himself, the speaker speculates that the bird must have been trained to utter that one forlorn phrase by its owner. The speaker, intrigued, puts his chair in front of the raven. He sits in his chair for a few seconds, thinking about the raven. He considers how Lenore will never sit in this chair again. He chastises himself—God has given him this little reprieve from his guilt, and yet he remembers Lenore.

He tells himself that he should forget about Lenore. “Nevermore,” the raven whispers again, as though in answer. The speaker now speaks directly to the bird, describing it as “evil” and a “prophet.” He inquires as to whether or not he will ever find relief. “Nevermore,” whispers the raven. When he gets to Heaven, he wonders whether he’ll be able to hold Lenore. “Nevermore,” whispers the raven. The speaker, enraged, commands the raven to leave him alone in his chamber. He accuses the raven of lying and demands that it go. The bird repeats its solitary refrain, “Nevermore,” without moving. The speaker concludes that the raven is still perched above Pallas Athena’s bust, casting an everlasting shadow over his soul.

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