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Vocabulary in Action PDF Download
Vocabulary in Action PDF Download
No. Of Pages: 303
PDF Size: 6.78 MB
Language: English
Vocabulary in Action PDF Download PDF

Vocabulary in Action PDF Download PDF

This book can be used in class or for independent study. It is designed to take students from an upper-intermediate to an advanced level of vocabulary. The vocabulary was chosen for its practicality in everyday situations, and we used the Cambridge English Corpus, a billion-word-plus written and spoken corpus of modern English that includes a large learner corpus, to help us choose the words and phrases to include and to understand the typical problems advanced learners face. We also checked the English Vocabulary Profile to ensure that the words in the book are a representative sample of the vocabulary found in C1 and C2 of the Common European Framework. Visit for the English Vocabulary Profile.

Learners at the advanced level are often aiming their efforts toward academic, professional, or vocational needs. Therefore, we have sought to offer a modern, complex vocabulary that will underlie their work in other areas, in addition to learning a great number of new words and expressions.

On the left-hand page, there are explanations for the new vocabulary (on average 40 items every unit), and on the right-hand page, there are exercises and activities. All of the target vocabulary has a pronunciation guide and an answer key. Students should check their answers to the exercises once they complete them, according to the key at the conclusion of the book. There are multiple answers to the key at times. This is because there is typically more than one correct way to say things. We do not supply responses in the Over to You exercises where students are encouraged to talk about themselves since this allows learners to work fully freely and in a very personal way, so everyone’s answer will be extremely different.

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