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Where the Wild Things Are PDF
[PDF] Where the Wild Things Are PDF
Author: Maurice Sendak
No. Of Pages: 42
PDF Size: 6.1 MB
Language: English
Category: eBooks & Novels
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Where the Wild Things Are PDF

Where the Wild Things Are Summary

Maurice Sendak’s 1963 illustrated children’s book Where the Wild Things Are was released in the United States. The work was hailed as innovative for its candid portrayal of children’s emotions, particularly fury, and it was awarded the Caldecott Medal in 1964.

Max is a mischievous youngster who has been caught chasing the dog with a fork. When he gets cheeky to his mother, she labels him a “wild beast” and puts him to bed without dinner. Max, dressed as a wolf, is so enraged that his bedroom transforms into a forest and a boat arrives. He sets out towards the country of the wild beasts, who are giant clawed monsters.

Max, who is unafraid of anything, tames the wild beasts, who all agree that he is the wildest of them all and crown him king. “Let the wild rumpus begin,” Max declares, and he and the wild animals dance in the moonlight, hang from trees, and generally have a good time until Max realizes he misses his mother’s affection. He returns to his bedroom, where his meal is waiting for him, despite the wild beasts’ pleas to remain.

Although it is today regarded as a classic, Where the Wild Things Are had mixed reviews at the time, with some reviewers claiming it would traumatize youngsters. Others, on the other hand, complimented the work for dealing with childhood rage, pointing out that it explains the purpose of “time-outs,” helps youngsters regulate their anger, and teaches them to channel their frustrations constructively. It also teaches young readers that, even if they desire to be wild at times, the greatest place to be is at home with loving discipline. Furthermore, Max’s travels indicate that children’s imaginations are a great thing, capable of transporting them to any location they choose.

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