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ICSE Solutions for Class 6 History and Civics

Moving on to class 6 necessitates increased focus and effort. Your social science course is divided into three sections: civics, history, and geography. More knowledge of history and civics is needed. Follow the answer book if you want to get decent grades on your history and civics article.

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  1. History – An Introduction
  2. Early Man
  3. The River Valley Civilisations: Indus Valley Civilisation
  4. The River Valley Civilisations: Egyptian, Mesopotamian and Chinese Civilisations
  5. The Vedic Civilisation
  6. Mahavira and Buddha – Great Preachers
  7. Rise of Kingdoms and Republics
  8. The Mauryan Empire
  9. The Golden Age: Gupta Empire


  1. Rural Local Self-Government
  2. Urban Local Self-Government

What is the definition of history?

The analysis of history is the study of the past. From the monolithic era, the Stone Age, to the present day, we have come a long way. History is a field of study that looks at our growth, freedom struggles, colonies, the stone age, and archaeological monuments, among other things. We study history to decipher the sequence of events and investigate all of the consequences that occur as a result of any event.

What exactly is civics?

Civics is the analysis of our citizenship, including all of our privileges, responsibilities, constitutions, government creation, and other topics that we should be aware of as people of a republic.

Tips for History and Civics Exam Preparation

Although both of these subjects are theoretical, it is critical to understand why an event occurred and the consequences for society. The student should be aware of the historical significance of the incident.

You now understand why history answers are so long.

Although history books are dense and lengthy, you should be able to cover as much ground as possible in any response. Follow the solution book’s instructions to learn how to write any answer and how to follow the ICSE pattern.

Have a pencil ready while you read the lesson or chapter and make notes on the lines, titles, and positions that you think are significant. Make a timeline and list them in chronological order.

Try to read the papers every day if civics isn’t your cup of tea. You can also learn about the Indian constitution and legislative systems by surfing the internet.

Don’t try to cram anything into your head. Simply learn it and attempt to write in your native tongue. This will improve your comprehension. When writing in your own language, make sure you don’t change the meaning of what the book is trying to say.

How to Achieve Excellent Exam Results

You should not have to compose an essay on each and every response on a history test. Fill in the blanks with your answer in point form. This will allow the examiner to properly mark your answers and will also give the impression that you truly understand the question.

Wherever practicable, have diagrams or other pictorial depictions. This increases exposure and creates a positive impact. Take five minutes to read through the question paper. Short answers should be attempted first, followed by long answers.

Simply consult the solution book, which not only contains answers to all textbook questions but also to your questions.

Which app is best for ICSE students?

ICSE Research Apps: ICSE Study Apps is one of the best applications created for ICSE students studying in classes 6 to 12. It is listed at the top of the Google Play Store. There are over 5000 questions open, covering many of the relevant topics. Every month, students will receive new questions and concepts

Is ICSE board tough?

Since all of the topics of the ICSE Board are studied in depth, the ICSE Syllabus is more difficult than the CBSE Syllabus. However, the ICSE Syllabus offers more realistic experience and helps to improve students’ critical skills. Students who will be taking the TOEFL Exam will benefit from this board.