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Name the 7 union territories of India

Give the names of India’s seven union territories.

Give the names of India’s seven union territories: In the Indian Republic, a union territory is a kind of organisational division. It’s not like nations, which have their own governments; union territories, on the other hand, are directly governed by the federal government. As a result, the term “union state” is reflected. It further clarifies the meaning of the word “federal zone.” These union territories were not part of pre-independence India, according to tradition. These sections were originally too tiny to be turned into a state, according to our constitution’s provisions.

Give the names of India’s seven union territories.

The States Reorganisation Commission proposed creating a separate group for these regions in 1956. Since these sites do not match the model of a state and do not obey a consistent system of governance. The Central government appoints a Lieutenant Governor to oversee the Union Territories. He is India’s President’s representative. Even though UTs have the option of forming their own governments and providing a Legislature with elected members and a Chief Minister (for example, New Delhi and Puducherry), their powers are limited compared to state governments. The number of presidents of the Council of Ministers does not reach 10% of the Legislative Assembly’s overall membership. The Chief Minister is the president of the ministerial council. If there is a disagreement between the ministers and the Lieutenant Governor, the latter will refer the matter to the President and act on his decision.

Currently, we have seven union territories which are as follows:-

  • Chandigarh
  • Dadra and Nagar Haveli
  • Daman and Diu
  • Lakshadweep
  • Puducherry (Pondicherry)
  • Andaman and Nicobar Islands
  • National Capital Territory of Delhi (also called Delhi NCR)

Why there are 7 union territories in India?

During independence, the union territories were either not a part of India or were too limited to be turned into a province, according to the Constitution’s provisions. Furthermore, the States Reorganisation Commission proposed in 1956 that these regions be classified as Union Territory.

How many union territories are there in India in 2020?

There are eight union territories.
India now has eight union territories as of January 26, 2020. The union territories of Daman and Diu, Dadra and Nagar Haveli have merged into one.