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The Enemy Summary Class 12th English

The plot depicts a Japanese doctor who saves the life of an American POW while overcoming limited national stereotypes. By rescuing a war prisoner from an enemy camp, he jeopardises his honour, career, status, and life. The tension in the doctor’s mind as a private person and as a citizen with a sense of national patriotism has been brilliantly depicted by the poet.

The plot takes place in a Japanese coastal town in 1941, after the Japanese assault on Pearl Harbor. There is a war between America and Japan. The Japanese were hostile to Americans, and any American identified on their land would be killed.

Theme: The Enemy

The claim of ‘The Enemy’ is that humanism transcends all stereotypes and boundaries erected by humans. In handling an adversary, Dr. Sadao upholds the medical profession’s ethics. The tale serves as a powerful lesson in unity, compassion, sympathy, empathy, and humanism.

The Enemy Class 12 – Characters

  1. Dr. Sadao Hoki: A Japanese doctor trained by Americans.
  2. Sadao’s father: much concerned about his son’s education, a true patriot.
  3. Hana: Wife of Dr. Sadao, met in America, became friends and got married in Japan.
  4. Tom: An American prisoner of war, a soldier of U.S. Navy.
  5. The old General: a sick Japanese army General, needed an operation, trusted only Dr. Sadao.
  6. An officer: A messenger of the General.
  7. Gardener: an old gardener in the house of Dr. Sadao.
  8. Yimi: Hana’s maid servant.
  9. The cook: an old cook in the house of Dr. Sadao.


House of Dr. Sadao: a house built on a narrow beach near the sea.

Summary of the Enemy

Sadao was a surgeon from Japan. He studied in America and returned to Japan with Hana, a Japanese girl he met there, to marry her and start a family. Although the majority of the doctors were sent to fight in the Japanese army during World War II, Sadao was able to remain at home because the old General, who was sick, needed him. But then, one night, an American Navy sailor arrived, shot, hurt, and died. Sadao took the young soldier into his house and supported him with medical care, despite his unwillingness to support his enemy. From that point on, he was at risk. His servants soon abandoned him. Dr. Sadao saw that the soldier was improving and was completely well. When his patient no longer needed his services, the doctor revealed himself to be his murderer, plotting to murder him as he slept. He told the General of the American’s presence, and the General agreed to dispatch his private soldiers to assassinate the American. Every morning, Sadao expected the American’s demise, but to his dismay, the man was still alive, stronger, and presenting a threat to him. Sadao becomes the real man in him at this stage, a genuine human being who understands the value of human existence and universal brotherhood. He considers more than nations, territories, cultures, and conflicts. He saw little justification to suspect the American of being his adversary. Sadao comes to the American’s aid. Sadao is able to climb above limited stereotypes and behave in a genuinely humanitarian manner as a result.

SUMMARY OF THE LESSON | The Enemy’s Summary:

  • Sadao, a Japanese physician, discovers a disabled American soldier outside his home on the beach.
  • Despite the fact that he was his adversary, he is powerless to throw him back because he is a doctor and his first responsibility is to save lives.
  • Even after the servants desert the home, Hana, his wife, supports her husband in operating and nursing the enemy soldier back to health, despite her initial reluctance because keeping the enemy in the house was unsafe for all, including the baby.
  • Despite her emotional pain and reluctance, Hana aids Dr. Sadao in operating the soldier.
  • Despite the fact that it was wartime and all hands were needed on the front lines, the General did not send Sadao with the troops because the General required his services as a skilled surgeon.
  • Sadao informs him of the enemy soldier, but he remains unresponsive since he is preoccupied with himself and forgets his vow to send his private killers to destroy the enemy and remove his corpse.
  • Sadao decides to save the soldiers’ lives by taking advantage of the general’s self-absorption. Dr. Sadao assists the soldier in escaping from his house to safety until he is no longer at risk.

What is the summary of the enemy?

The first paragraph is an introduction. The plot depicts a Japanese doctor who saves the life of an American POW while overcoming limited national stereotypes. By rescuing a war prisoner from an enemy camp, he jeopardises his honour, career, status, and life.

What is the theme of the enemy class 12?

The story’s central theme is:
Sadao, a proud Japanese, considers Americans to be his adversaries. When a wounded prisoner of war washes up on the shore near Dr. Sadao’s home, Dr. Sadao and his wife Hana put their feelings of animosity aside and treated him before he was willing to fend for himself.