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Xam Idea Class 10 Science Solutions (Chapter-wise)

Xam Idea Class 10 Science Solution is a systematic senior high school test planning textbook. This textbook is designed to help students achieve higher exam grades by following the new CBSE syllabus and examination template.

We at NCERTBooks.Guru provide you with one of the easiest and most accurate Xam Idea Science Solutions for Class 10 to help you make the most of your exam planning. The solutions are created by an expert and professional team of mentors with extensive expertise in the industry, and they cover the entire exam syllabus.

Xam Idea Class 10 Science

Chapter 1 – Chemical Reactions and Equations
Chapter 2 – Acids, Bases and Salts
Chapter 3 – Metals and Non-metals
Chapter 4 – Carbon and Its Compounds
Chapter 5 – Periodic Classification of Elements
Chapter 6 – Life Processes
Chapter 7 – Control and Coordination
Chapter 8 – How do Organisms Reproduce?
Chapter 9 – Heredity and Evolution
Chapter 10 – Light Reflection and Refraction
Chapter 11 – Human Eye and Colourful World
Chapter 12 – Electricity
Chapter 13 – Magnetic Effects of Electric Current
Chapter 14 – Sources of Energy
Chapter 15 – Our Environment
Chapter 16 – Management of Natural Resources

Getting good grades in Science would be simple if you take the right approach and build a solid foundation in the topic. As a result, our Class 10 Solutions are prepared in such a manner that they include all of the questions-answers in a well-structured format to assist you in your exam planning.

The Advantages of Using Xam Idea Class 10 Science Solutions to Study

It is often recommended that students in Class 10 begin their exam preparation with NCERT books. When you’ve finished with that, you should pass on to reference books. The answers to Xam Idea Science for students in Class 10 have been drafted by topic experts after exhaustive study. Our solutions are beneficial in a variety of respects and have many advantages. Below are some of the most significant benefits of studying with our solutions:

  • The solutions have been created by some of the finest and most accomplished teachers in this field.
  • Our solutions may assist you in predicting the sort of exam questions that could be posed.
  • Our solution is split into various topics/chapters of the exam for easier comprehension of the subjects.
  • Have a better understanding of the issues with our solutions, which are written in a simple and easy-to-understand format.
  • Our solutions are error-free, and detecting a flaw in them is almost impossible.
  • Our solutions have a well-organized and well-researched framework.
  • The solutions are focused on the most recent Class 10 syllabus.
  • Our solutions are available to students at no fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Xam Idea Class 10 Science Solution?

The strongest and most informative kind of solutions to the questions posed in the Xam Idea Science textbooks for Class 10 are Xam Idea Solutions. The Solutions would be of great assistance in clarifying the ideas and resolving any difficulties you might have with the problems in the Xam Idea Science books.

Is it true that the Xam Idea Science Solutions for Class 10 occupies the whole exam syllabus?

Yes, NCERTBooks’ expert matter mentors have developed the Xam Idea Science Solution for Class 10.

The guru covers the whole exam syllabus in detail. The various chapters of the topic are structured and organised in a comprehensive manner to assist you in your exam preparation.

Is it enough to study Xam Idea Science Solutions for Class 10 in order to pass the board exam?

Without a doubt. Xam Idea Science Solutions for Class 10 is a great way to complement your exam training. The Solutions have been prepared by’s team of seasoned and competent coaches to aid students in their exam preparation. The strategies are focused on the most recent official Class 10th syllabus, allowing students to study for the exam in the most effective way possible. You would be able to score higher on the test if you have succinct, correct, and brief responses to the textbook’s queries.

Is it possible to get Xam Idea Science Solution for Class 10 for free?

Yes, you can download NCERTBooks.Xam Guru’s Idea Science Solutions for free. Students will get free access to the short and quick Solutions for Class 10 Xam Idea Science. With NCERTBooks’ Solutions, you will understand the principles and practice with each subject.Guru.

Xam Idea Science Solutions for Class 10 will assist you in properly planning for the exam so that you can do well in the exam and gain guaranteed results. You will be able to build your own routine and research time with NCERTBooks.Guru, which will perfectly fit your needs. You will get the best advice from NCERTBooks.seasoned Guru’s instructors at any time and from wherever.

Is Xam idea a good book for class 10?

The book Xam Idea Science Class 10 is fantastic. I contrasted it to other books available on the market. It is much superior to other books in my opinion. It has been carefully crafted based on CBSE syllabus to activate students’ minds in preparation for examinations while also providing sufficient topic information.

Which refresher is best for class 10 science?

Physics by Lakhmir Singh and Manjit Kaur for 10th grade science. Physics Principles N.k Chowdhry, S Chand books Pradeep’s book “Fundamentals of Physics.” Biology by Lakhmir Singh and Manjit Kaur for 10th grade science.