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Annabel Lee Poem PDF
[PDF] Annabel Lee Poem PDF By Edgar Allan Poe
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Author: Edgar Allan Poe
Annabel Lee Poem PDF

Annabel Lee Poem Summary

“Annabel Lee” is Edgar Allan Poe’s last poem, and one of the most important personalities in American literature. It was composed in 1849 and published the following year, not long after the author’s death. It deals with a theme that recurs throughout Poe’s work: the death of a young, attractive lady. The poem is told through the eyes of Annabel Lee’s lover, who rages at the people (and otherworldly beings) who tried to stand in their way of love. Finally, the speaker states that his link with Annabel Lee was so deep that they were still together long after she died.

Annabel Lee Poem Lyrics

It Was Many and Many a Year Ago,
in a Kingdom by the Sea,
That a Maiden There Lived Whom You May Know
by the Name of Annabel Lee; —
And This Maiden She Lived With No Other Thought 5
Than to Love and Be Loved by Me.
I Was a Child and She Was a Child,
in This Kingdom by the Sea;
But We Loved With a Love That Was More Than Love —
I and My Annabel Lee —
With a Love That the WingéD Seraphs in Heaven
Coveted Her and Me.
And This Was the Reason That, Long Ago,
in This Kingdom by the Sea,
A Wind Blew Out of a Cloud, Chilling
My Beautiful Annabel Lee;
So That Her High-Born Kinsmen Came
and Bore Her Away From Me,
To Shut Her up in a Sepulchre,
in This Kingdom by the Sea.
The Angels, Not Half So Happy in Heaven,
Went Envying Her and Me —
Yes! — That Was the Reason (As All Men Know,
in This Kingdom by the Sea)
That the Wind Came Out of the Cloud by Night,
Chilling and Killing My Annabel Lee.
But Our Love It Was Stronger by Far Than the Love
of Those Who Were Older Than We —
Of Many Far Wiser Than We —
And neither the Angels in Heaven Above,
nor the Demons Down Under the Sea,
Can Ever Dissever My Soul From the Soul
of the Beautiful Annabel Lee: —
For the Moon Never Beams, Without Bringing Me Dreams
of the Beautiful Annabel Lee;
And the Stars Never Rise, but I Feel the Bright Eyes
of the Beautiful Annabel Lee: —
And So, All the Night-Tide, I Lie Down by the Side
Of My Darling — My Darling — My Life and My Bride,
in Her Sepulchre There by the Sea —
In Her Tomb by the Sounding Sea.

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