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Buildings, Paintings and Books

India is well-known for its historical architecture, sculpture, and literature. One of the seven wonders of the world, the Taj Mahal, is an example of magnificent architecture. Let’s learn more about architecture, paintings, and books.

Buildings, Paintings and Books

If you have a passion for art and architecture? Do you find yourself awestruck by today’s magnificent structures and temples? Perhaps you aren’t conscious of the historic architecture! They became a thousand times more appealing and appealing. We can learn more about ancient cities, design, sculpture, and books in this segment. You’ll adore the imagination that flourished prior to the invention of technology! It was purely a passion for art! Let’s learn more about Structures, Paintings, and Books.

History of Indian Buildings and Architecture

In India, poetry and art underwent a significant transformation about 1500 years ago. About two thousand years ago, the popular Amravati Stupa was built. However, its ruins can currently be found in Amravati, Maharashtra. Garbhagriha is the Hindu temple’s foundation. This applies to the inner sanctum, which housed the deities. Single pieces of rock are usually cut into a large number of temples. Stone cutters were used to cut the rocks.

More About Indian Temples

The construction of temples was a costly endeavour. Kings and queens used to support craftsmen with funds from their treasury. Other contributors, such as traders, fishermen, and perfumers, carried gifts for the temples. Decorators became the presents. They assisted in the decoration of the temple grounds.

Sanchi Stupa’s Gateway was built by a group of ivory employees. Many bright and appealing sculptures adorned the cave’s walls. Colors derived from plants and minerals were used to create these works of art. However, no details regarding the original artists are accessible.

Ancient Books

Many epics had brave men and women narrating their stories. It is made up of myths about Gods and Goddesses. Lango’s Silappadikaram is a well-known Tamil epic. In Sanskrit, Kalidasa is published. Around 1500 years ago, Ved Vyasa wrote the Mahabharata in Sanskrit. It is the tale of a battle between relatives, the Kauravas and the Pandavas.

Ancient Paintings

Ancient Indian Paintings have a long tradition and heritage of Indian art. The oldest Indian drawings were prehistoric petroglyphs, such as those contained in Bhimbetka rock shelters. Some of the Stone Age rock paintings discovered among the Bhimbetka rock shelters are nearly 30,000 years old. Mural art, miniature painting, and painting on other removable medium are the three major divisions of painting literature (fabrics, papers, wood, scrolls, etc).

Q1. Bhagavad-Gita is a part of which epic?
Shiv Katha

Choice ”a” is the right answer. Mahabharata includes the Bhagavad-Gita.

Q2. Explain the structure of a temple.

A Hindu temple’s Garbagriha was its most significant component. This location housed the primary deity’s statue. At this place, priests conducted rituals and devotees worshipped. A tower was constructed on top of Garbagriha. This designated the location as holy. The shikhara was the name given to this tower. The mandapam was a large hall used in several temples. This hall has the capacity to hold a huge crowd.

Q3. Explain the structure of a stupa.

A little box sits in the middle of the stupa. It’s possible that the package contains the ashes of Buddha or his disciples. It may also have valuable stones or tokens. It’s possible that these are from Buddha or his disciples. The box was coated with dirt. It was further paved with mud bricks or baked bricks. They were often surrounded by carved stone slabs.
The devotees used a pradakshina route around the stupa to encircle it in a clockwise direction. This is a means of expressing admiration and loyalty. Railings normally circle the pradakshina road. At the entry, a gateway was also constructed. The railings and the doorway are all adorned with beautiful carvings.